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    Relationship Marketing in Action

    Social Pro – Maximizing the Value of Twitter

    Twitter changes by the day. Best practices from last year, last month or even last week, unfortunately, are not what you should be following today. I know that has you thinking, “I have enough on my plate! How in the world can I be expected to spend the better part of my week on Twitter… Read more »

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    An Extraordinary Website for an Extraordinary Staffing Firm

    Berks and Beyond Website A GREAT STARTING POINT…BUT THERE WAS STILL WORK TO BE DONE! Berks and Beyond is anything but an ordinary staffing firm. Their old website had some jaw-dropping imagery (can you say a person sitting on a toilet!). But after five years, the design had become dated. Not to mention that the… Read more »

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    TERRA Staffing takes skill marketing to a whole new level

    TERRA STAFFING TAKES SKILL MARKETING TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL Last spring, TERRA Staffing became the first company to use Haley Marketing’s new Talent Showcase tool – a platform for skill marketing candidates with a Pinterest / Online Staffing feel. And so far the results have been excellent. Over the last 90 days: Since launching… Read more »

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    StaffMasters Stands Out with New Custom Website

    The Project… StaffMasters website redesign The Challenge… in this case we had lots of them Make StaffMasters stand out! Position StaffMasters as one of the top workforce solutions firms in the Carolinas. Sell! Clearly convey the range of services StaffMasters offers. Staffing. High volume workforce management. HR consulting. This site needs to sell everything without… Read more »

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    Six Websites in One for AtWork’s New Corporate Website

    The Project… Corporate Website Redesign The Challenge… Attract clients. Attract candidates. Attract potential franchisees. Present a unified corporate image. And keep each division’s identity intact. Wow, that’s a lot. But we LOVE a challenge! We turned Haley Marketing’s creative team loose to create a custom website design for AtWork that would be: Fresh and modern… Read more »

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    Staying top-of-mind with clients and prospects

    In an intensely competitive marketing environment, this 40 year-old firm was having a tough time keeping in touch with clients and prospects—and losing business as a result. See how they turned things around and achieved results in just three days!

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