• Don’t Take “No” for an Answer

    No doubt, you’re going to be busy this year…and highly successful. The phones will ring, more job orders will come in—and then BAM, all of a sudden, it happens. Seemingly in an instant, there’s no time. No time for prospecting. No time to reconnect with old clients. No time to market.

    If you’re committed to maximizing your revenue in 2004 (and beyond), don’t take “NO” for an answer. Don’t let “no time” become an excuse. Make the commitment now to a consistent marketing effort, and develop a game plan for tactics you will execute regardless of how busy you get. To help you get started planning your activities, here’s a list of 25 tips and suggestions to maximize your revenue.

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    How to Make Your Staffing Company Stand Out, Stay Top-of-Mind and Win More Business

    Is your staffing company the biggest? The cheapest? The only one providing the services you offer? No? Then why do customers choose your staffing service over the competition? And more importantly, how will you ensure they keep choosing you?

    If the key to your success is providing terrific service, that’s commendable, but you’re not alone. In today’s market, a staffing company won’t survive long without great service–it’s the minimum cost of doing business. But service is no longer the differentiating factor it once was. In a super-competitive industry like staffing, standing apart from the competition isn’t easy. But it can be done…

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    Avoiding “Collateral” Damage:

    Are brochures a necessary investment? Seems like an obvious question, doesn’t it? After all, nearly every company has some sort of brochure, so they must be beneficial…right? Well, too often the answer is “no.” Too many brochures aren’t worth much more than the paper they’re printed on. They do little to educate prospects, build credibility, or advance sales efforts. And when poorly designed, a brochure can actually do more to kill a sale than close one.

    Want to make your brochures more effective? Here are a few quick thoughts on brochures, and most importantly, a few ideas to make them into a powerful tool that can make sales easier.

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    What’s Your Offer?

    Unfortunately, when it comes to staffing, most business owners ignore the most basic rules of direct marketing. They create terrific service organizations, but they never bother to create compelling reasons for prospects to call. This article will help you create irresitible offers that get prospects to respond

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    Make Your Company the First Call

    A very wise marketer, James Cecil, taught me a great lesson about making your company the first to be called. Or, as Jim put it “when your client suddenly gets hit in the chest with a spear, you want them to think of you as the ONLY spear removal surgeon in town.” But how? How do you make yourself the only surgeon?

    Jim’s process was really quite simple. Nurture relationships, persistently. Find an excuse to keep in touch with every client, every prospect and every decision influencer at least once every 4 to 6 weeks. Stop selling all the time, and instead focus on teaching your clients when, why and how to use your expertise!

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