Social Marketing is About Content Sharing

    Social marketing is about using ideas to nurture relationships. It’s about increasing visibility for your company. And it’s about leveraging social connections to get more people to your website!

    But who has the time?

    We do!


    Maximize Your Visibility.

    Social Listening

    Stay on top of what people are saying about you.

    We setup alerts and monitor social channels to watch what people are saying about:

    • Your company
    • The staffing industry
    • Your competition
    • Key prospects & clients

    Using reputation management tools, we make sure you’re on top of the information you need to know.

    Social Sharing

    Maximize the value of the content on your website.

    Our social media marketing advisors will:

    • Share your blog posts and other content through Facebook and LinkedIn status updates
    • Start LinkedIn group discussions
    • Create Facebook wall posts and comments
    • Tweet about your content
    • Post to bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and Digg.


    Get more insight into what's bringing people to you.

    We analyze Google Analytics to watch the impact social sharing has on your website traffic.

    We then look for ways to continually boost your social web traffic to help you attract more clients and candidates.



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