Help your sales team to sell more.

    Staffing is not a one-call close. HaleyMail helps your sales team stay top-of-mind with more people, more often than they could on their own. HaleyMail gives your sales reps a new reason to call--every month!

    Sell solutions...while positioning your firm as a workforce expert.

    HaleyMail teaches employers how to manage staffing more intelligently. Using educational articles, ebooks and other high-value content, HaleyMail shows your clients and prospects how to use staffing as a strategic tool to control costs, improve productivity and manage risk.

    The ONLY educational marketing system for the staffing industry.

    HaleyMail was created specifically for the staffing industry. It combines great content with email marketing, social media and print pieces to give you a complete solution for content marketing.

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    Keep your company top-of-mind.

    In staffing, out of sight is out of mind, and no tool keeps you top-of-mind better (or more cost-effectively) than a well-designed newsletter. Position yourself as an expert. Nurture relationships with prospects, clients and candidates. And get more job orders and candidate referrals.

    Print. Email. Or both.

    Looking for a quarterly mailer, a monthly e-zine or maybe something that mixes digital and print? Our writers, designers and programmers can produce great content, in the format and frequency you want.

    We do the writing. And the design. And the management.

    Newsletters are hard work. That's why Haley Marketing provides full-service email marketing and newsletter development services. We take care of everything, so you can focus on selling and servicing your clients.

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    When you want to share BIG ideas.

    Big ideas need to make a big impact. And when you need to educate people about the value of your services, ebooks and whitepapers provide an ideal format.

    Generate sales leads.

    eBooks and whitepapers make terrific "bait" for attracting employers. Whether you use them on your website, in email marketing or as a unique drop off, this kind of high value, educational content makes a perfect conversation starter.

    Choose from our library. Or let us custom write for you.

    Haley Marketing has produced hundreds of articles about staffing, recruiting and other HR topics. We can produce a great looking ebook using any of our content--and brand it completely to you. Or we can custom write content to your specifications.

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