Way back in 1993...

    We were where many of you are today...struggling to stand out from dozens of competitors in our market...fighting margin pressures...and pushing our sales team for better results.

    We were tired of fighting these battles every day, and hearing the same excuses: "We're not hiring," "We're happy with our current vendor," and our personal favorite, "We don't use staffing firms."

    Then we discovered a better process...

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    An Overnight Success?

    One of thousands of varieties, the Black Bamboo seed resembles a nut with a very tough skin. After planting, it must be watered and fertilized almost weekly.

    To the frustration of the novice farmer, during the first year nothing at all seems to happen...

    ...Then, during the fifth year, in the sixth month, the seed opens and a stalk bursts through the ground. Within a period lasting no more than six weeks, the bamboo grows to a majestic height of 20 feet!

    The question is when did all this growth really take place?


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    A Tribute to James P. Cecil

    In 1993, we first heard Jim Cecil talk about the concept of "nurture marketing" - an approach to business development that focuses on nurturing customer relationships rather than aggressive sales tactics.

    Jim taught us that cultivating client relationships is a lot like farming. You have to carefully tend your crops with just the right nutrients at the right times to get the best yield. In business, nurturing is about sharing ideas, educating people, and carefully and consistently positioning your firm. It's about making yourself top-of-mind.

    Nurturing is simply a better way to sell staffing.


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