• Nurturing. The secret of staffing success.

    Staffing is a relationship business. Unless you want to compete on price, you have to be a problem solver. And a solution provider. And most of all an effective relationship builder.

    A strategy of nurturing

    Nurture (nur'cher) v.
    1. To care for, tend, and develop through the stages of growth.
    2. To educate.

    Lifetime customers are not won overnight. Long-term, profitable client relationships must be carefully planned and managed.

    Nurturing is a philosophy; a strategy for maximizing customer yield. The process is easy to understand:

    1. Get to know the people you're trying to reach--learn their motivations.
    2. Show these people you care about what matters to them.
    3. Communicate with value not hype; build trust by being honest and direct.

    Every audience is different. How you nurture depends on the type of decision maker you are trying to reach, and the existing relationship you have with that person. Craft your nurturing to fit the needs (and interests) of the recipients. For example, if you are marketing to CEOs, demonstrate your impact on their bottom lines. If you are marketing to HR managers, show how you can reduce costs and make their lives easier.

    Nurturing is all about persistence. The key to a successful nurturing process is to keep you top-of-mind until the customer is ready to buy. To see how nurturing works with specific types of audiences, click the section.

    Nurturing Prospects

    The goal:

    Turn suspects into prospects and prospects into clients.


    • Reaching the decision makers
    • Differentiating your business from the competition (or current supplier)
    • Teaching people how and why to use your services
    • Building trust and credibility
    • Maximizing the productivity of your sales reps


    • Create interest with attention-grabbing packages and irresistible offers
    • Stand out by consistently delivering value rather than making claims
    • Differentiate with professional, persistent communication
    • Demonstrate your understanding of the prospect's needs and interests
    • Prove your ability to deliver by leveraging client success stories
    • Eliminate cold calls using direct marketing to open doors
    • Stay in-touch and top-of-mind until the prospect is ready to buy
    • Keep sales reps focused on top prospects while using low cost marketing with others

    Nurturing Clients

    The goal:

    Enhance relationships with clients to build life-long customers.


    • Deepening relationships with existing contacts in client companies
    • Broadening relationships with new contacts in client companies
    • Encouraging greater use of your services
    • Cross-selling


    • Add value by sharing useful information
    • Stay in-touch with all relevant contacts and occasional users
    • Show clients how to achieve the best results from your services
    • Reinforce the value you deliver
    • Remind clients of all your capabilities
    • Actively solicit feedback to discover opportunities for improvement
    • Stay in-touch and top-of-mind until the client is ready to buy again
    • Seek referrals

    Nurturing Candidates

    The goal:

    Retain top candidates and encourage referrals.


    • Cost-effectively communicating with candidates
    • Differentiating your company from the competition
    • Building trust and credibility
    • Encouraging referrals
    • Keeping your service reps from being overwhelmed with calls


    • Capture email addresses at every point of candidate contact
    • Implement an e-newsletter to cost-effectively stay top-of-mind
    • Differentiate by showing real concern for candidates' career needs
    • Encourage referrals by actively promoting relevant job openings and asking for referrals
    • Personally contact top candidates on a periodic basis, through one-to-one telephone contact and/or special events

    Nurturing Influencers

    The goal:

    Convince all the people who influence decision makers to heartily endorse your company.


    • Finding the time to stay in-touch with all influencers
    • Differentiating your business
    • Proving the value your company delivers
    • Seeking endorsements


    • Show each influencer audience how you add value
    • Demonstrate sincere desire to help influencer
    • Build credibility by sharing results
    • Show influencers how to achieve the best results from your services
    • Actively seek feedback to uncover potential problems
    • Ask for referrals and endorsements from satisfied clients



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