• Team Profiles

    Marketing geeks? Computer nerds? Writers? Artists? Yup. And damn proud of it. Enjoy getting to know the people behind the staffing industry's top marketing team.

    David Searns

    :: CEO

    When it comes to marketing a staffing firm, few people know the industry like David. He literally grew up in the business (his Mom and Dad ran a very successful staffing and executive recruiting firm in Upstate New York). Mix in a degree in information systems from Clarkson University, an MBA from The Wharton School, and almost 20 years of marketing and consulting in the staffing industry, and you have someone with the rare ability to combine high-level strategic thinking with real entrepreneurial ingenuity.

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    Victoria Kenward

    Victoria Kenward

    :: Vice President & COO

    Vicki is our queen of shareworthy service. She's 100% committed to making everything we do a "WOW" for our clients. She's also a tech wiz and process guru who's responsible for some of our most innovative web applications, including HaleyMail and our Job Board software. With her degree in Information Systems and leadership training from Xerox, Vicki's systematic approach to work and amazing attention to detail are a perfect compliment to the rest of our team's more "creative" approach.

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    Brad Smith

    :: Director of SEO & Social Media

    What do you get when you combine a Masters in Education, Bachelors in Psychology and Communication with experience in marketing, advertising and PR? The staffing industry's leading SEO and social media expert, of course! From his origins as a Marketing Advisor to his current role as Director of SEO & Social Media, Brad’s main focus has been working with clients to develop and implement strategic marketing plans. As our resident digital marketing guru, Brad’s job is to make sure that your online presence attracts the attention it deserves (and steals traffic from your competition!).

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    Paula Pirrone Zeisz

    :: Director of Marketing Education

    Paula's passion is helping people become more successful. After college, she made her mark in the Banking and Financial sector, working her way up to VP level. Paula moved on to become a Partner and Financial Advisor with a large securities firm. Then looking to broaden her career accomplishments (and craving new challenges), she joined Haley Marketing. And boy, are we glad she did! Today, Paula works with staffing and recruiting firms around the globe to find the most effective ways to differentiate, enhance sales productivity and drive revenue growth.

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    Ryan Maher

    :: Marketing Consultant

    Ryan started his sales career 20 years ago while paying his way through college, and it sparked a passion for solving problems and delivering results. He climbed the corporate ladder at a Fortune 100 tech firm before moving to a digital marketing company as their VP of Sales. Ryan brings clarity to complex solutions, and we’re happy he’s chosen to leverage his sales and marketing talents to the benefit of Haley Marketing’s clients. Ryan won Dale Carnegie’s Highest Award of Achievement in 2000, he craves live music, and he loves being on the forefront of emerging technologies.

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    Mackenzie Froese

    :: Marketing Advisor

    Beginning her career in marketing and public relations at SUNY Fredonia, Mackenzie has since gone on to work with companies across America as a Digital Media Executive. While her areas of expertise include content creation, editing, and media management, Mackenzie prides herself most on her close client relationships, and never finishing work until it’s perfect. You can usually find her stalking Todd and Matt to ensure she’s taking on new projects and challenges, and outside of work she’s never far from a good read or a new board game. 

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    Todd Lewandowski

    Todd Lewandowski

    :: Director of Content Marketing

    Todd is the "old man" at Haley Marketing, both in seniority and in soul. Just ask him about his love for Sinatra, cigars and bocce. But don't let that fool you, he brings great enthusiasm to his work. After surviving four years at St. Bonaventure University, Todd worked in marketing for the yellow page industry. Remember when people used a phone book? He was then lucky enough to find a marketing company just a mile from home willing to take a chance on him. In his 9+ years at Haley he has seen the company triple in size, and he's heard more pregnancy stories than he cares to admit!

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    Matt Faso

    :: Director of Marketing and Marketing Advisor

    Matt was born to do marketing...or so it seems! From Internet start-ups and technology companies to more traditional old economy staples, Matt has been involved exclusively in marketing since writing an award winning business plan in the Personal Enterprise and Small Business Management program his junior year at Cornell University. Matt sees himself as more than an advisor; he's a coach, consultant and confidant to our clients, helping them to get the best possible results from our services. And as the Director of Marketing for Haley Marketing, Matt takes the same principles he preaches to his clients and applies them to our own marketing strategy.

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    Kelly Waite Stabler

    :: Senior Project Manager

    With an ability to keep her eye on the big picture while managing the details of every project, Kelly brings more than 10 years of marketing and advertising experience to her role as Project Manager. As a former Disney cast member, Kelly learned customer service from the best in the business. The Disney philosophy of exceeding expectations has stayed with her throughout her career. So, whether you need a website, print ad or brochure, Kelly makes sure your project is done on-time, on-budget and on-target.

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    Rob Eisman

    :: Project Manager

    From Cornell to California and back again, Rob brings 20 years of project management, design and web experience to the Haley team. Rob spent most of his career in academia, managing the Cornell Library's Gifts and Exchanges, working in Cornell's Career Services department and then as Special Projects Coordinator at UC Berkeley's Career Center. A fan of everything Buffalo, he can often be found pouring over old maps and photos of his hometown or goading his friends into playing the latest board game.

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    Heather Perrotta

    Heather Perrotta

    :: Project Manager

    Heather is an experienced professional with exceptional written and verbal communication skills. Her stellar project management abilities enable her to exceed the needs and expectations of clients and coworkers. She adds value with her organizational talents that are second to none, and which allow her to accomplish more in less time. Additionally, she is a proud mom, a runner, and wishes she had more moments to fill in her sketchpad.

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    Jenny Keller

    :: Social Media Marketing Advisor

    Elvis has never left the building as far as Jenny is concerned. Her work isn't done until your digital marketing is a huge success. With a degree in New Media Marketing from Rochester Institute of Technology, Jenny's a real expert on blogging, social media, SEO and PPC. But just as importantly, she's amazingly creative in finding the best ways to use new media to connect with employers and job seekers. And when she's “offline,” Jenny plays a mean fiddle and teaches music--so she understands that excellent results require hard work and persistence!

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    Dan Stock

    :: SEO and Social Media Consultant

    Staying on the cutting edge of technology may be a little intimidating for some, but not for Dan. He has a proven track record of success in the technology industry, and has shown impressive results with both Social Media and SEO. His time at Yahoo Inc taught him to think ahead and innovate, while staying focused on the big picture--delivering positive change and competitive advantage for our clients. Creativity and a strong desire to constantly reinvent and improve process means that everybody wins.
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    Brad Bialy

    Brad Bialy

    :: Social Media Marketing Advisor

    Staying ahead of social media trends is important to stay relevant and top of mind. With a degree in Marketing and a minor in Music from The College at Brockport, Brad’s expertise is in leveraging your social media to connect and engage with potential clients and candidates. If you happen to catch Brad outside of the office, bring a guitar – Brad has produced and recorded over 30 tracks and performed in countless music venues across NY.

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    Matt Lozar

    :: Social Media Marketing Advisor

    Since social media burst onto the scene, Matt has found a passion for knowing as much as he can about the always-changing industry. Graduating from the University of Notre Dame with an undergraduate degree in business and working for nine-plus years in intercollegiate athletics, Matt enjoys being a part of a team that helps everyone come out with a win at the end of the day. Outside of the office, Matt is always working on his golf game (even in a Northern climate), though not as much since the birth of his energetic daughter.

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    Michelle Sears

    :: Social Media Marketing Advisor

    With an MBA and an undergraduate degree in Psychology, Michelle finds exactly what customers want and delivers it in a fun, effective way. Michelle is excited to be a part of the Social Media team at Haley because her role involves her two favorite aspects of marketing – client interaction and social media. She starts each day by setting goals for her clients (and herself) and isn’t satisfied until they are achieved. In her free time, Michelle volunteers for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Erie County by hanging out with her Little Sister and serving on fundraising committees. In that little time leftover, she loves being around her family, friends, and two pets – a rescued cat and a spoiled Pomeranian.
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    Jerome “Dewey” Bass

    :: Social Media Marketing Advisor

    Dewey is a Social Media Marketing enthusiast with a background in English Literature Studies and Creative Writing, which he honed during his time at SUNY Fredonia. He has learned to apply his creativity to the industry of social media marketing, and encourages his clients to step out of the box while developing content. Outside of the office, Dewey is an avid concert fanatic, craft beer enthusiast, stand-up comedy fan and has been known to bust a move. Not Really. We encourage him not to.
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    Magezi Mukandala

    :: Technical Sales Support Specialist

    Magezi is a husband, father and digital technology enthusiast who’s passionate about marketing and sales. He has 8 years experience helping his clients connect with the people who matter the most to them. Magezi started as a multimedia producer for Bose Corporation then later honed his sales skills helping Fortune 500 companies break into new markets. Today, Magezi is inspired by his team and the work he does at Haley Marketing to help our clients around the globe do and achieve more than they thought possible. In his personal time Magezi enjoys digital photography, video production, yoga, small business marketing, keeping up with the latest gadgets and listening to sales and marketing podcasts.
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    Krista Fitzsimmons

    :: Project Coordinator

    Krista is passionate about organization and managing details, making her the perfect person to coordinate the production schedule at Haley Marketing. Her diverse background as a retail cosmetic manager, general manager of a restaurant, and small business owner make her uniquely skilled to provide extraordinary customer service, manage all the little details, and keep projects progressing toward completion.

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    Mandy Wittschen

    :: Writer Manager

    Where are all her hats? From blogging to freelance blogger management, copy writing to content planning, Mandy wears a lot of different hats for Haley Marketing Group. And with good reason – she’s been with our company since its inception back in the mid-90s! Along the way, Mandy has honed her creative writing, project management and service skills – and she’s always loved a challenge. Combine that with nearly two decades of staffing experience and what do you get? Great results for our clients!

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    Cathy Lanski

    :: Writer/Editor

    Philly native and UB grad Cathy brings nearly two decades of tech sector and writing experience to Haley Marketing. As our staff wordsmith she is always eager to help staffing clients communicate their vision. Haley provides a dynamic environment for Cathy to use her love of writing, marketing and social media as part of a creative and collaborative team. In her down time if she is not at a concert, play or kayaking with her family, she is probably curled up with a book or her dog, Spenser.

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    Maggie Neese

    :: Social Media Advisor

    With a degree in Public Relations from The Pennsylvania State University, Maggie has a passion for social media and blogging. Her experience in social media and reputation management allow her to leverage your marketing to keep your company top-of-mind at all times. Outside of work, Maggie spends her time event planning, blogging and staying current with social media trends. Watching hockey or reading a good book are her favorite ways to unwind!

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    Mark Yesilevskiy

    :: Graphic Designer

    Mark is a graphic designer with a marketing education and background, which means that he can talk the talk and can create the visual content to match it. Beautiful design helps catch the eye and brings people in, making it an indispensable part of marketing. Mark has years experience in branding, illustration, and a number of other aspects of graphic design. Outside of the office, Mark is a soccer fanatic and loves to play goalkeeper. The position is constantly under pressure and quick reactions are vital.

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    Kaitlin Bolling

    :: Director of Interactive Design

    Kaitlin enjoys all aspects of visual communication. From Ohio University to NYC and back to Buffalo, Kaitlin has experience with many forms of multimedia. Creating unique and engaging experiences is her goal, and she doesn't rest until things are pixel perfect. Kaitlin is always up for the challenge of balancing creativity with logical problem solving, so she jumped at the opportunity when she found a position at Haley Marketing that would allow her to do just that!

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    Brian Battenfeld

    Brian Battenfeld

    :: Front-End Developer

    Designing and developing websites since his years as a Digital Media Arts major at Canisius College, when Brian finally found Haley he knew it was the perfect place for him to grow. Considering himself a professional “pixel-wrangler”, he loves anything to do with user-experience, and making sure your time spent on our sites a pleasurable one.

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    Natalie Vanderbosch

    :: Front-End Developer

    Natalie is a graphic designer and web developer hybrid, with a BFA in Graphic Design. As a self taught web developer, she began her design path about a decade ago, creating graphics for various projects from sports apparel to signage. She then found a passion for coding websites and has been developing ever since. Natalie enjoys the ever evolving industry of web development, as it strives to meet the demand of new technologies. She believes that’s what keeps this field exciting. She loves learning code and taking on new projects.

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    Rick Bush

    :: Web Engineering Director

    Rick has been building web-based business solutions since 1996. His extensive background in systems integration, publishing, software engineering and operations provides him a unique perspective on product development; his focus is not on the nuts and bolts of software engineering, but on creating solutions that achieve business objectives. Rick, working side by side with Vicki, has architected and coded all of Haley Marketing's internal and client-facing web-based solutions since 2001.

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    Jenn Paterson

    :: Senior Designer

    Jenn is a visual communications expert whose passion is crafting smart, effective designs.  Jenn earned her BA in communication studies and her MA in organizational communication & development from Canisius College (Go Griffs!). This education, along with 15+ years experience, makes her uniquely positioned spearhead design efforts at HMG.  But what truly makes her a "Mad Woman" isn't having a spouse in the ad business or a bright and funny daughter keeping her on her toes, it's her undying (and often heartbreaking) love of Buffalo football — Jenn caught the bug during the super run in the 1990s and has circled the wagons ever since.

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    Linda Sorrells-Smith

    :: Graphic Designer

    Linda recently relocated to the Western NY area from Bexley, Ohio. Originally from Chicago, she is still navigating her way though all the fun fairs and festivals the area has to offer. With a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design, Linda brings over 20 years experience in a variety of professional contexts—including the retail, education, non-profit and scientific industries. She has taken on the strategic planning and development of advertising campaigns for web, multimedia, radio and print. Establishing goals that help to communicate defined purpose is an integral part of how she helps develop products to help others communicate who they are and offer tangible metrics. Linda relaxes by playing what ends up sounding like elevator music versions of popular songs on acoustic guitar, painting and reading.
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    Becca Searns

    :: Jr. Designer

    Growing up in an entrepreneurial family where marketing was discussed over dinner every evening, it is only natural for Becca to bring her design talents home to Haley Marketing. Becca manages the portfolio, assists the creative team, and creates visuals for social sharing. Becca is currently studying New Media Design, with minors in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  She is also an award-winning artist, accomplished hockey player, and you might want to ask her what her middle name is sometime….
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    Darlene Nicosia

    :: Administrative Specialist

    The other half of our admin dynamic duo, Darlene not only shares duties with Amy, she helps run our back office and provides the nicest voice you'll ever hear when you have questions about billing.

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    Amy Murbach

    :: Administrative Specialist

    Amy's is the first voice you hear when you call our office. She always has a smile in her voice and willingness to help. And as one of our top proofreaders, Amy makes sure that everything we write is letter perfect.

    Connect with Amy::

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    Tiffany Shoemaker

    :: Marketing Support Specialist

    After obtaining degrees from SUNY Geneseo and University at Buffalo, Tiffany embarked on a long journey through a whirlwind of various jobs. Until, that is, she found Haley. Tiffany joined Haley Marketing in 2003.
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    Brian Vaccaro

    :: Marketing Support Specialist

    Born, raised, and educated in Buffalo, Brian brings his customer-oriented experience to Haley Marketing Group. Originally educated as a history teacher, Brian honed his customer service skills as a service coordinator before coming to Haley. With Haley, Brian found a place to combine his customer-centered attitude, attention to detail, and desire for daily rewarding challenges as a Customer Service Specialist. Outside of work he can be found pouring over a new board game, a car's engine, finding new maps to add to his collection, or playing ice hockey.

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    Robin Kurtz

    :: Accounting Specialist

    Being a “numbers” girl, and looking for a career change and new challenges, Robin returned to college and recently obtained her degree in Accounting. Previously working in the travel industry, Robin bring years of financial and customer service experience to the team at Haley Marketing.

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    Lisa Bauer

    :: Office Manager

    Every office needs someone to help it run like a well-oiled machine; at Haley Marketing that someone is Lisa. Having spent most of her career with us, she knows every aspects of our business, literally moving up the ranks from temporary receptionist to her current position, where she keeps track of everything from human resources to making sure we get paid!
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    Rick Searns

    :: Co-founder and Partner

    As a serial entrepreneur, Rick has been involved with a number of startups in the staffing, marketing and software industries. He literally mortgaged his furniture to start his first staffing venture back in 1968. That company sold in the late 70s, and then Rick started from scratch to build another staffing firm–an Inc. 500 award winner, which was sold in 1998. Today, Rick is a part-time consultant for a staffing firm in upstate New York, part-time financial advisor for Haley Marketing, and continuing serial entrepreneur with two new ventures.

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    Jari King

    :: Co-founder and Partner

    Jari has been in the staffing industry her entire career. She’s founded, built and sold multiple staffing firms, and spent 15 years as the co-owner and general manager of a Key Resource Group, a clerical, professional and technical staffing and search firm. Jari has always been passionate about staffing and the people in this industry. And she’s a hell of a sales trainer and manager! Today, Jari works side-by-side with Rick on the development of Talmax and the launch of their new restaurant marketing venture.

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