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Choosing the Right Keywords for SEO

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Quick quiz…

In terms of Google searches, which of the following terms received the most monthly search volume?

a. Staffing firm
b. Staffing firms
c. Staffing agency
d. Staffing agencies
e. They are all about the same

Not sure?  Then you need to find out!  Small variations in the wording you use throughout your website can have a dramatic effect on your website traffic. 

Although the variations above seem very small, the amount of monthly traffic each receives is drastically different:

  • The phrase “Staffing firm” is searched for nearly 10,000 times each month.  Not bad huh? Keep reading…
  • The phrase “Staffing firms” is searched for over 12,000 times each month.  Even better–but still not even close to good enough…
  • The phrase “Staffing agency” is searched for roughly 135,000 times each month.  Surprised?  It gets better…
  • Last but not least is the phrase “Staffing agencies” which Google estimates at 246,000 searches each month.

The simple change from “Staffing firm” to “Staffing agencies” results in a difference of nearly a quarter million searches.  And this is just one quick example.

The Takeaway:
Do your research.  Whether you’re writing new content for your website, working with an SEO firm,  buying PPC ads or even adding a new post to your blog, spend time to find out what people are searching for–don’t just assume. 

As demonstrated above simple changes in wording and even the order of words can have a huge impact on whether you’re on the first page of Google search rankings…or absent completely. 

If you would like some assistance with your keyword research please give me a call at 888-696-2900 or send me an email at [email protected].  I’d be happy to share some advice and help in any way possible.

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