Hello, I’m Greg the new SEO consultant and social media advisor at Haley Marketing Group, and I’m pleased to meet you! My background is steeped in marketing and advertising; and I have even dabbled in a bit of e-commerce. I enjoy leisurely walks with my family and inevitably jamming every possible event/ happenstance/ obligation into that walk at a harried pace.

At Haley, I have met a fun staff and great clients, and can’t wait to meet the rest of the interesting people that we service. I hope to bring new topics to light about SEO, social media and other things that affect us directly – or even indirectly – as I wander through this maze of new media with you. I hope to highlight things that you might be interested in, and share my experience and knowledge with you as we move toward success together. At any rate, please feel free to comment on anything I post and I will be sure to lend a helping hand.


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