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Is Social Media Killing Your Staffing Website?

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Here’s an interesting article about web traffic and the impact of social media.

While the article was not written about the staffing industry, the implications are pretty interesting for staffing and recruiting firms. The article’s basic message is that traffic on many major consumer oriented websites has stopped increasing and in some cases is actually falling.

And the reason is social media. We’re more active on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter than we are surfing company sites.  This makes sense.

But what about the impact on staffing websites?

The good news is that so far we are seeing traffic increase on staffing websites. And we are seeing dramatic increases for those staffing firms that integrate social media (and SEO) into their websites.

Consider these statistics:

  • A staffing & recruiting firm in Kansas City saw a 589% increase in traffic to their website from search engines between December 2010 and December 2011.
  • A staffing firm in Atlanta had people come to their website using 632 different keyword search terms in just a 3 month period.
  • Even our own website has seen a 1,083% increase in traffic from LinkedIn in just the past 2 months.

That stated, the thesis of the article above is pretty interesting. As social sites continue to gain in “time share” (i.e., the percentage of our online time), corporate websites are bound to suffer.

So what can you do for your staffing website?

1. Add great content…consistently!  

This includes fresh job post (and ideally, you want the job data to actually be on your website and not in an ATS that displays in an iFrame on your site).

Also, consider regular blog posts, whitepapers and ebooks on topics that would attract the interest of your clients and candidates.

Integrate video with your site to promote top candidates, hot jobs, and share a peek into your company culture.

2. Use social media to drive people back to your website.

Share status updates, share content on LinkedIn Groups and Facebook, and Tweet about the great (and useful) information on your website.

You can also either automate content sharing using RSS feeds of job posts and blogs or invest in social content sharing to help spread the word.

3. Build your social networks.

The more connections you have, the more people who will be exposed to your updates and ideas.  And the more people who will subsequently visit your site!

4. Consider how you can leverage Facebook and LinkedIn as alternative websites.

On Facebook, you can market your jobs, share information on your services, and encourage job seekers to apply.  Check out these examples:

MedPro Healthcare Facebook Welcome Page

StaffEx Facebook Job Board

CornerStone Staffing’s Wall

Bayside Solutions LinkedIn Company Page


The best defense is a good offense

So will social media replace your staffing website? Not yet. But why wait to find out. Now is the time to begin to increase your social presence, so you can stay ahead of your competition.

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