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When Should Your Staffing Firm Post to Facebook?

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When Should Your Staffing Firm Post to Facebook?

When you post is just as important as what you post

When trying to cut through the cluttered Facebook News Feed, it is important to have knowledge of every tool at your disposal. So, how can you improve the likelihood that your post is seen by the people that like your company page? Post when they’re online! 

How to find out when your audience is active on Facebook

Start by visiting your company Facebook page. If you have administrative rights, you will be able to see the Admin Panel at the top of the page. Click Insights and then click Posts. You are now presented with an excellent graph that gives you an overview of when the people that like your page are active on Facebook. Start sharing your content during peak times!

Want to learn more?

At Haley Marketing Group we understand the importance of social media in your overall marketing strategy. Contact our team of social media experts today for more information on how your firm can utilize social media to increase and improve your marketing initiatives. 

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