Adding a custom video to your website’s Home page is a great way to capture visitors’ attention and quickly deliver your message.

But it’s also really, really expensive.

Here’s how we created an effective – and much more cost-effective – workaround for one client:


How do you engage site visitors and reinforce your positioning – without spending a fortune?

Capturing website visitors’ attention is a challenge for many staffing firms we work with. Stride Staffing is no exception. When they approached us to build their new site, they wanted to find a way to stand out online as a modern, light industrial staffing supplier in the Dallas-Fort Worth market.

Hiring an agency to shoot a custom video for their site would’ve been ideal; it also would’ve completely blown their budget. Trevor Daniels, Stride Staffing’s owner, wanted to find a stock video to use on their Home page, but the “right” video – one that commanded attention and complemented their brand message – wasn’t coming to light.


Time for a little detective work…

The HMG project manager assigned to Stride Staffing’s web development project began a comprehensive search for the perfect stock video. After performing multiple searches and methodically combing through hundreds of clips, he found three viable options to show Trevor.

One of the videos (a determined runner. traversing rocky terrain) was ideal for several reasons:

  • It was 29 seconds long. Since most website visitors navigate away from a Home page much sooner, it’s unlikely they’d see the video reload and repeat.
  • It conceptually illustrated undertaking a challenge. We can all appreciate the challenges job seekers and employers face, as well as the hard work staffing firms put in for their clients and candidates. The video content served as a great visual metaphor for both concepts.
  • It complemented Stride Staffing’s brand. The runner was wearing red and black, which matched the staffing firm’s logo PERFECTLY.


Take a look at Stride Staffing’s Home page.

Pretty great, right? The video our project manager sourced is so spot-on, it looks like it was created just for Stride Staffing’s website. Now, they have a captivating opening screen that grabs attention, sets their staffing firm apart from the competition, visually illustrates their value and complements their branding.

In our client’s words:

“Haley Marketing has been a godsend, as they were able to take our brand and the company into the 21st century by building and supporting our website. Haley also supports our blog posts, job board and testimonials to support better marketing of our services and open positions.

“We were very excited to see the absolutely fantastic video that captured company’s colors and our focus of navigating treacherous ground on our way to success. I could not be more pleased with the final product.”
–Trevor Daniels, Owner

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