By day, we’re marketing geeks. Computer nerds. Quirky writers and artists. And damn proud of it!

But after hours, our team members shed their marketing capes – and pursue all kinds of cool Hobbies, Interests and Talents (we call them HITs for short).

Here’s what Graphic Designer Josie Eberts is into:

HIT: Aerial Arts

Back Story

About four years ago, a few friends of mine became involved with aerial arts. I thought it looked like a really neat thing to try, so I gave it a shot with them. One thing led to another, and I quickly became addicted.

Today, I perform using a variety of apparatus, including lyra, trapeze, silks, chains, bungee and hammock/sling.

Why do I love aerial arts?

The aerial arts community is so uplifting (hah!); there is truly a place for everyone. I was never the tiny, graceful, flexible one, but I found my niche as a base lifting other people. As a base specialist, I love being strong for other people, helping my partners shine and forming trusting relationships. I mean, fellow performers have to trust me when I’m holding them upside down by the ankle or balancing them on my feet 20′ in the air!

Teaching and performing has also helped me improve my confidence, keep an open mind, and push the boundaries of my limitations, be they physical or mental. And I absolutely love introducing people to circus; it’s so rewarding to help them realize they’re stronger in more ways than they thought!

Rule #1

Honestly, I think we artists have as much fun as the people we perform for. Over the years, we’ve had a few incidents where someone’s pants were ripped off when trying to execute a certain kind of roll. Believe me – when something like that happens, it’s as entertaining for us as it is for the audience. So, yeah – one of the first rules of performing as an aerial artist is to dress in – ahem – layers.

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