15 years of fun at Haley Marketing Group!

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15 years of fun at Haley Marketing Group!

Before I delve into the story of life with Haley Marketing, I totally started working here when I was like, 14 – so don’t go doing the math to figure out how old I am.

My name is Tiffany – 15 years ago, I was living a fancy-free life, going between temp agencies looking for a way to get out of my retail job at the Clinique counter. I was offered a job to answer phones and perform various administrative duties for one of the staffing agencies I was working with, as well as supporting an up-and-coming marketing company called Haley Marketing Group.

Life was good. I had no idea what the marketing company actually did for a while, as my time was mostly spent transferring calls and setting up job candidates with temp paperwork.

I could do a lot more, and the folks at Haley Marketing recognized that, and put me to work in web quality control, proofreading, assisting project managers, and learning all there is to know about the first version of Haley Marketing’s job board product. At the time I think we integrated with maybe 5 or 6 applicant tracking systems. Today, we integrate with upwards of 3 dozen.

Fast forward 15 years, I am now a director here at Haley, as well as a wife, and a mother to a third grader and two geriatric dogs. Before coming to Haley, the most time I had ever spent at one job was about 2 and a half years.

So with my history of various jobs including retail sales associate, retail department manager, college admissions rep, rental car employee, executive assistant, and beauty adviser, why did the job at Haley Marketing “stick”?

  1. Opportunities for Advancement – David and Vicki, our CEO and COO, offer so many opportunities to advance within the company – For me personally, they’ve always been in tune with the goals I have set for my career and always keep an eye out for new tasks and responsibilities that they think I’d excel at and enjoy doing. More responsibility in the areas I am interested in created an environment where I can thrive as an employee, and be happy doing it!
  2. Work-Life Balance – As previously mentioned, I have a husband, a daughter, two dogs, and an extended family that exists outside of my work life. As parents of three kids of their own (more like young adults) – David and Vicki are always understanding of the occasional school function (Mother’s Day Tea, the 2nd Grade Play, Flag Day Parade, etc.) – and while I tend to spread my workday outside of normal business hours, I have always felt confident that I can have a full time career and be a mom at the same time!
  3. Awesome Company Culture – I spend at least 40 hours a week with my co-workers – but when it comes down to it, most of them are my friends. Team building and fun activities with the team at Haley Marketing Group, both at the office and outside of work hours, have made my 40 hours a lot less dreadful than work is often expected to be. Somehow, the team all fits together – lots of different people, lots of different interests, an incredibly diverse group of great people that makes me look forward to coming to work every day.
  4. Compassionate and Caring People – As a whole, our company supports its employees. As individuals, we all support each other. Through good times (getting married, having babies, promotions, graduations, and other important personal milestones) as well as through the not so good times, I have always felt truly cared for and part of the Haley Marketing family.
  5. Valued and Appreciated – So you can have a job where you make it through the day, and never hear a word of thanks or praise for accomplishments. But at Haley, I have always felt appreciated by the “powers-that-be”. Whether a quick personal email calling out a great comment from a client, or a full-on shout out communicated with the whole team, hearing that you’re doing a great job goes a long way in making the work day easier to stomach.

While this list is not all-inclusive, I thought it may be fun to share on my 15th anniversary with Haley Marketing, and I thought it may be helpful when considering the happiness and work health of your own employees, whether internal, or even the associates you place with your client companies. Everyone has different motivations and goals, I am hoping this list gives you some insight in your own business.

And finally, this is some old school stuff right here – in commemoration of my 15 years at Haley, our old logo, and my secret identity from our mid-2000s Meet the Team page! Totally an eighties freak – which should still not reveal my age, right? (There’s younger David, Vicki, Brad S. and Todd in the background as well! Such babies!)

2008 Team Photo and Sketch by our Graphic Designer in mid-2000s (when I was only juggling work and dogs).


Featured Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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