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5 Examples of Background Video in Websites

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5 Examples of Background Video in Websites

Large background video is a  trend in website design that is becoming more common and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Rather than using large banner images or the dated image carousel or slideshow, companies are utilizing video to convey motion or showcase personality to their website visitors. Listed below are some examples of websites that utilize background video effectively.

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Cadigal Office Leasing

Cadigal Office Leasing showcases many quick cuts and stunning camera work. A mix of architecture, aerial shots, and business people interacting are used to as a preview to the full video which can be accessed by clicking the play button below main heading.

Compression: MPEG-4 movie
Length: 0:21
Host: Vimeo CDN
Size: 11.2 MB

Faraday Future

Faraday Future uses a background video that acts a quick car commercial showcasing everything that you would expect as quickly as possible. It accomplishes its goal as a fast introduction effectively without taking away from the rest of the page content.

Compression: MPEG-4 movie
Length: 0:10
Host: Amazon Web Services
Size: 10.2 MB

Dubai Future Talks

Dubai Future Talks features a video background on the homepage that is actually a two second seamless loop. It is also sized to only take up a portion of the screen which helps keep file size small and load times fast.

Compression: MPEG-4 movie
Length: 0:02
Host: Self Hosted
Size: 639 KB
United Arab Emirates

Port 32 Fort Lauderdale

Port 32 Fort Lauderdale is the longest length and largest file size of all the videos featured in this post. The editing of this video contains multiple cuts and angles that will keep your interest until it replays from the beginning.

Compression: MPEG-4 movie
Length: 0:36
Host: Vimeo CDN
Size: 13 MB


Station, a company based out of Switzerland has a very unique and interactive take on the fullscreen video. The first one second of the video plays a continuous loop in forward and reverse until the user drags the hand icon left to right. As a bonus, each video on the website seems to have some kind of interactive element.

Compression: MPEG-4 movie
Length: 0:08
Host: Self Hosted
Size: 6.5 MB

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