Sometimes, our clients need a major rebrand or completely new website to achieve their goals.

Other times, it’s as simple as flipping a switch.

Check out how a little Shareworthy Service went a long way in helping one staffing company dramatically improve their recruiting results:

Affinity Personnel

Founded in 1998, Affinity Personnel Solutions (APS) is a full-service staffing agency serving the Buffalo, NY and Erie, PA markets. With a down-to-earth recruiting and management team of Certified Staffing Professionals, APS takes great pride in placing the right people in the right skilled trades, administrative, IT/technical, engineering and managerial roles.

The Challenge: Low Job Views, Few Applications

Like many staffing firms, APS was frustrated by a lack of qualified applications coming through their website. At the time, they were using Entake (eEmpACT’s application) instead of our job board’s application – and were seeing disappointing results (job board ROI data from 9/13/18 to 10/13/18):

  • Average time to complete an application: 18 minutes
  • Job Views: 643
  • Applications: 8
  • Conversion %: 1.24%
  • Applies / job: 0.38
  • Cost / Apply: $26.51
  • Active Job examples:
    • 2nd Shift Forklift Operator – 16 views, 0 applies
    • 1st Shift Forklift Operator – 14 views, 0 applies
    • Packing Supervisor – 13 views, 0 applies

A job application that takes nearly 20 minutes to complete?

Just 1% of job views converting to applications?

Not exactly a recipe for happy candidates OR recruiting success!

General Manager Tom Scanlon came to Haley Marketing for a better apply process that would:

  • Make applying to a job faster and easier for candidates
  • Reduce application abandonment rates
  • Increase qualified applications

…and we said: No problem!

Service and Implementation:

Experience has shown us that reducing application friction is essential to improving candidate experience – and increasing conversions. So naturally, our mobile-optimized job board is designed to create the best application experience possible! After reviewing Tom’s concerns and objectives, and doing a little digital reconnaissance of her own, our Director of Marketing Education, Paula Pirrone Zeisz, recommended a simple, yet effective, solution:

Disable Entake, and use Haley Marketing Group’s job board application.


Could such a small change really bring the improvements Tom wanted? Just two weeks after switching to our job application, Canalside saw amazing improvements:

  • Average time to complete a job application: Reduced by nearly 80%! (down from nearly 20 minutes to under 3 minutes)
  • Job Views: 1081
  • Applications: 25
  • Conversion %: 2.31%
  • Applies / job: 0.78
  • Cost / Apply: $8.48

By flipping a switch, we dramatically reduced candidate friction, which more than doubled APS’ conversions, while lowering their cost per application by more than 68%!

All Tom needed was a small tweak to deliver big recruiting gains – and we love it when that’s the case.

Could a little Shareworthy Service make a big difference to your staffing or recruiting firm?

Connect with one of our Marketing Educators to learn how we can help.

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