By day, we’re marketing geeksComputer nerdsQuirky writers and artists. And damn proud of it!

But after hours, our team members shed their marketing capes – and pursue all kinds of cool Hobbies, Interests and Talents (we call them HITs for short).

Here’s what Haley Cox, Haley Marketing Social Media Marketing Advisor, is into:

HIT: YouTuber

Back Story

I love makeup, and often spend more time (and money) than I’d like to admit at the beauty store! I had been sharing my looks on Instagram for a while but wanted to put myself out there even more. Finally, in December I decided to try my hand at YouTube, and I’ve been creating videos ever since then. I love sharing product reviews, tutorials and anything related to lifestyle and beauty on my channel.

What’s the best thing about being a content creator?

Making videos really pushes me out of my comfort zone but being able to use them as a way to share my passion for all things beauty has given me confidence. I also get a lot of messages from people who let me know that something I said or did in a video helped them. It is nice to know I’m impacting people who might not be as sure of their makeup abilities or feel nervous about experimenting.

Beauty Brand Perks

One of my videos reached almost 1,000 views which is a pretty big milestone for me! I was actually recognized by the brand that the video was about, and they sent some free products to me as a thank you.

Want to check out Haley’s makeup skills for yourself? Check out her latest video here:

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