Goodwin Recruiting

Founded in 1999 by Eric Goodwin, Goodwin Recruiting is a full-service, national management recruiting firm known for making genuine connections between talent and companies.

The Challenge: Generating Demand for New Specialties

While Goodwin Recruiting started as a hospitality recruiting firm, they decided to break into several new industries including finance & accounting, healthcare, manufacturing & engineering, office & administration and more.

As anyone in recruiting can tell you, these areas of specialization are incredibly competitive; as a result, generating organic traffic and qualified leads (both clients and candidates) is tough.

Geri Duncombe, Goodwin Recruiting’s Director of Marketing, knew that her company website would be the most important tool in generating demand for their new niches. So, she came to Haley Marketing for help with building new pages to explain their expertise in each area – and then turn each of those pages into a magnet for their ideal audience.

Service and Implementation:

Our team helped Geri plan, write copy for, build and optimize more than 20 specialty and sub-specialty pages to improve Goodwin Recruiting’s search rankings across their full range of services and niches:

  1. We conducted keyword research to determine the most important words and search strings within each area of specialization.
  2. We wrote copy for several of the pages, and then provided a copy template Geri used to quickly and cost-effectively get subsequent pages written and published.
  3. Our staffing copywriters and programmers optimized the code and content on Goodwin Recruiting’s site to attract the attention of search engines, prospects and potential candidates.
  4. We continually monitor SEO to ensure our client ranks well for critical keywords.
  5. We publish fresh blog content each month to: establish Goodwin Recruiting’s thought leadership in their areas of specialization; rank for more keywords that attract employers and job seekers in those areas; and build more inbound links to their website.


We built it, and they came!

As a result of this new content, organic traffic from search engines to the website nearly doubled (up 98.99%)!

We also saw an 84.11% increase to their Contact Us page. Geri mentioned that whenever we added new pages to their site, they received legitimate leads sometimes within weeks of going live.

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