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WILLIAMSVILLE, NY — Haley Marketing, the leading website development, content and recruitment marketing firm serving the temporary staffing and executive recruiting industries, is pleased to announce that Mamu Media LLC, a marketing firm specializing in branded content for the staffing industry, has merged its operations with them. Going forward, Mamu Media will operate as a division of Haley Marketing, with a mission to develop “Smart Content” that enables staffing companies to become more connected with employers and job seekers.

The merger provides strategic benefits for both organizations, as well as the clients they serve. As a division of Haley Marketing, Mamu Media will be able to extend their reach into the staffing industry, leverage Haley Marketing’s social media, SEO, PPC, web development, and creative expertise—and integrate Haley Marketing’s proprietary email and content delivery technology to improve their services. Mamu Media will integrate its branded magazines and webinars with Haley Marketing’s digital and traditional marketing services, expanding their capacity to develop more branded content for niche segments of the staffing industry.

For Haley Marketing, Mamu is a natural fit in terms of solutions, expertise and culture. Offering a wide range of branded and custom content, Mamu’s offerings complement the content marketing solutions Haley Marketing has delivered since 1996. In addition, the merger brings Haley Marketing two new service lines: print magazines and webinars. Like the experts at Haley Marketing, Mamu Media’s staff truly understand the staffing industry and share a similar business philosophy; this alignment of expertise and culture ensures all their clients will continue receiving the world-class marketing products and share-worthy service they expect.

Expanded Capacity for Providing Strategic Digital and Traditional Marketing Solutions

“I’ve been a fan of Mamu Media since the time Mike and Rob launched the company,” said Haley Marketing CEO David Searns. “These are smart guys who know staffing and have a real passion for content marketing and serving their clients. I’ve been trying to win them over for more than a year, and I am beyond thrilled that we were able to make this merger happen.

“Adding Mike and Rob to our team not only brings their great marketing products to our mix, it expands our capacity to provide strategic digital and traditional marketing solutions to our clients,” continued Searns. “By combining Mamu’s services with Haley Marketing’s services and team depth, we can do more than ever to help our clients stand out, drive sales and enhance recruiting.”

Mamu Media CEO Mike McKerns is equally excited about the merger. “Rob and I have always had the highest level of respect and admiration for the team at Haley Marketing, their products, services, and ingenuity. When David approached us over a year ago, our wheels starting spinning when we thought about the possibilities—especially since the majority of our clients were already working with them. Ultimately, we knew that we’d be better together and are elated to start this new chapter that will bring more value to both of our clients.”

Follow this link for more information about Mamu Media LLC.

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