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Check out how smart planning, creativity and Shareworthy Service helped this client efficiently fulfill placements for a high-potential client, and test a new video marketing concept:


Founded in 1977, TalentTeam employs unique, exclusive and nontraditional workforce solutions to help clients reduce risk and increase profit. Together with their direct-hire sister company, Professional Recruiters, they provide staffing and recruiting strategies in the Salt Lake City market.

The Challenges:

1. Seizing a High-Potential Staffing Opportunity

2. Testing a New Video Recruiting Tactic

An existing client, TalentTeam has a great relationship with our team. When they were approached by an employer to fill a select number of high-priority placements in a short time, they obviously wanted to make the most of it – and reached out to us for help.

In addition to helping their client fill these high-priority, time-sensitive roles, TalentTeam President Steve Pluim also wanted to leverage this opportunity to develop and test a new model for using video to recruit candidates. If the campaign proved effective, they would use PPC and employer videos to recruit for other roles.

Service and Implementation:

After multiple consultations, our team came up with a custom PPC strategy to promote their client’s jobs, using an independently-produced video which showcased their client’s location and job opportunity.

Since time was of the essence, we accelerated the build phase of their program and were prepared to take the campaign live…

…when we hit a few roadblocks:

  1. Issues with their website were causing problems with conversion tracking for their campaign.
  2. And to add insult to injury, the employer changed their requirements – which rendered their employer video, and our PPC campaign, partially useless (and would waste the TalentTeam’s money).

A successful PPC campaign is measurable – and achieves our clients’ goals. If we had simply moved ahead, we wouldn’t be able to gauge the campaign’s effectiveness, and TalentTeam would’ve wasted part of their ad budget.

So, we postponed the campaign launch until we got it right. Our experts started by diagnosing and fixing the conversion tracking issue, and then worked closely with TalentTeam to maximize the value of their video and PPC campaign.


Despite the curveballs we were thrown, TalentTeam recruited enough quality candidates to meet their clients’ immediate needs. And thanks to our team’s creativity and persistence, TalentTeam is enjoying some great results:

  1. They have a happy client.
  2. They have data to gauge the effectiveness of using PPC and video to recruit candidate.
  3. We developed creative alternatives for them to adjust their PPC campaign and maximize the value of their ad budget.
  4. We provided ideas for them to get more mileage out of their employer video. In the future, they may test:
    • Using the employer video for employment branding (i.e., as an example of the types of employers and jobs available through TalentTeam)
    • Using the video as a sales tool to generate leads (i.e., show other employers how TalentTeam uses video to recruit more effectively and promote hard-to-fill roles).

In Steve’s words:

“This project seemed simple, but we ran into a million roadblocks and frustrations. Despite this, you patiently worked through every challenge using your amazing talent, creativity and persistence. Thank you for being so good to us!”

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