The importance of social media can’t be understated for staffing firms. In research released at the start of 2016 by the Society for Human Resource Management, 84 percent of organizations are using social media for recruitment.

Let’s take a look at a Case Study for 365 Healthcare Staffing, a staffing company located in Southern California that focuses on surgical techs, sterile techs and nurses. They understood the importance of having a social media presence, especially when 79 percent of job seekers are likely to use social media during their job search, a number that jumps up to 86 percent during a candidate’s first 10 years of their career.

When 365 Healthcare Staffing started the Social Pro program with the Haley Marketing Group at the beginning of 2015, it had minimal presence on social media. By the end of 2015, the impact of the Social Pro program was apparent:

Graph_Facebook Graph_Twitter Graph_LinkedIn Graph_SocialMediaTraffic

Let’s take an in-depth look at the three outlets as well as the effect on traffic to the 365 Healthcare Staffing website.

Facebook social-media-recruiting

The strategy for Facebook was a two-part approach. First, we had to grow the amount of likes for the 365 Healthcare Staffing company Facebook page. We used a campaign to leverage some targeted paid options that focused on sterile techs, surgical techs and nurses in specific regions of California. That helped put the company name in front of a targeted audience. The growth of 375 percent of Facebook likes during the course of the year showed that strategy was successful.

The second part of the strategy came in the sharing of the content. The blogging program for 365 Healthcare Staffing uses through the Haley Marketing Group provides a great basis of original content for its marketing. The Social Pro program provides visual images to add to the appeal of each post on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. We supplement the blogging content with job postings, inspirational quotes or applicable content from other sources like Forbes, Inc, etc.

Twitter Print

On twitter, we again had to focus on growing the followers for 365 Healthcare Staffing. Our strategies in that area led to an increase of more than 1,000 followers during 2015, getting the content in front of more eyeballs and increasing impressions.

One great aspect of twitter is the use of hashtags. We researched some popular hashtags (hcsm, medtech) applicable to 365 Healthcare Staffing to reach twitter users who aren’t followers but are potentially interested in the content and company’s offerings. Whether it was company blogs, job postings (great on twitter!) or other relevant content, including hashtags is almost mandatory.

LinkedIn Print

Growing a follower base on LinkedIn is hard, that’s no secret. The first part of our strategy was to reach out to personal connections and ask them to become a follower of 365 Healthcare Staffing’s LinkedIn page. That had about a 10 percent success rate.

Continued posting of good content on LinkedIn (company blogs and other relevant articles from reputable sources) develops a relationship with the connections. We also take the company blogs and publish them as posts for company employees. Lastly, we also share the blogs in targeted LinkedIn groups based on interest and geography. That presents an opportunity to reach another targeted audience.

Website Traffic BonusStat_SocialMediaTraffic

We post content across social media to reach targeted audiences and develop a relationship through consistent content marketing. The end goal is to get those social media users back to the 365 Healthcare Staffing website, have them engage with the recently redesigned website and eventually become an inbound lead for the staffing firm.

Paying minimal attention to social media will result in a handful of monthly leads. Just having company pages leads to users stumbling across the page on sheer randomness. But a dedication to social media will have positive results and make an investment worthwhile.

At the start of the program, 365 Healthcare Staffing was getting 11 users per month to reach their website through its social media outlets. By the end of 2015, that number was nearly 300 sessions (291 to be exact).

Commitment to Social Media

All of those users don’t find 365 Healthcare Staffing’s website without its commitment to social media. That commitment didn’t just come in using Haley Marketing Group’s award-winning Social Pro program. The leadership of 365 Healthcare Staffing showed its commitment through its marketing resources but also by emphasizing its importance to staff members and recruiters, who will like, comment and share content from their own personal pages consistently. All of that internal buy-in increases the reach on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn through a few simple clicks each day.

In 2016, 365 Healthcare Staffing will continue its commitment to the award-winning Social Pro program due to these results and the return on its investment with the Haley Marketing Group. All of the services provided in the Social Pro program come at 92 percent of the cost!

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