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Programmatic Job Advertising

Automating Job Advertising (with Programmatic) Increases Accounting & Finance Applications by 83%!

A smart job advertising strategy that automatically distributed jobs to multiple job boards led to a massive increase in job applications for this specialized staffing firm.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

Manually posting jobs hampers this staffing firm’s ability to find qualified accounting and finance talent.

The Solution:

Create a recruitment advertising strategy utilizing the Appcast programmatic job board, which uses intelligent job distribution to find the right candidates through its programmatic algorithm.

The Results:

83% increase in applications with a 47.8% decrease in application cost directly attributable to the Appcast programmatic solution.

Client Background and Challenges

Trimble & Associates is a direct-hire recruiter in the Denver area, focusing on high and mid-level positions in accounting and finance. Their team has worked in finance and understands both sides of the recruiting business.

Reaching accounting and finance professionals requires getting the right job to the right person at the right time. Trimble & Associates was struggling to get qualified candidates to apply because they did not have an efficient job advertising strategy to automatically distribute jobs to multiple job boards at once.

The Solution

Trimble & Associates began working with Haley Marketing Group in Q1 of 2020. After learning about their job advertising challenges, our team quickly realized that this client needed an efficient recruitment advertising strategy.

Haley Marketing worked with the client to:

  • Implement the Appcast programmatic job board, which uses intelligent job distribution to find the right candidates through its programmatic algorithm. – leveraging a network of job boards sent jobs to the right boards based on job title, job description, and job location.
  • Automate a hot and warm jobs process that allowed the Denver-area financial recruiter to prioritize jobs at a high and low priority.

The Results

This job advertising strategy dramatically increased job applications and decreased cost per application.

From Q1-Q3: 

  • 83.3% increase in applications
  • 47.8% decrease in cost per application

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