Berks and Beyond Website


Berks and Beyond is anything but an ordinary staffing firm. Their old website had some jaw-dropping imagery (can you say a person sitting on a toilet!).

But after five years, the design had become dated. Not to mention that the old site was not optimized for mobile job seekers or employers!

The Challenge

"David, don't show me one picture of a stupid, smiling professional sitting in a board room. Every staffing firm has that. We are not like other staffing firms. And we sure don't want to look like them!"

Okay, that's not an exact quote, but it's pretty close to what we were told as we began the design process for this custom website. And we LOVED the challenge!

The Haley Marketing Creative Team really enjoyed working with a client that wasn't afraid to push the limits of creativity — and lets us be, well, really creative!

The Solution

A website that goes beyond, way beyond, the ordinary.

It's no surprise that the new Berks and Beyond website features eye-popping imagery. But those wacky photos were just the start.

Irreverent headlines. Bold use of color. Short copy. Responsive design. Parallax and lots of other programming goodies make this a site that is truly unlike any staffing website we've done before (and that's saying something given how many staffing websites we build!).

But this site isn't just bold, it's functional...really functional!

Berks and Beyond's new website is ready to take them beyond, way beyond, where other staffing firm websites have gone before!

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