When spending valuable resources, companies want to know one basic question:

“What’s going to be the return on my investment?”

With the blogging and social media products from the Haley Marketing Group, that ROI comes in traffic to your company’s website. Everyone wants to rank highly on the search engines, but focusing on the process of driving more traffic to your website is the right strategy that we profess here at HMG. Let’s take a look at an HMG client that has been blogging and using an e-mail newsletter for more than three years while adding some social media sharing this year.

Gradual Website Traffic Growth

Seeing results from blog posts takes time. Why does it take time? Because search engines want to see that a website is providing good, quality content during an extended period of time (months) and not just for a few weeks.

Our case study features a small, staffing company that has stayed the course during the past three-plus years with four blog posts per month. The posts balance industry-specific content with general career development.

As website traffic builds over time, spikes and dips will occur. However, long-term growth reveals a successful program. Here is the website traffic since April 2012 when the blogging program started.

ZDA Overall Traffic Comparing website traffic in August 2015 to August 2012, the traffic has increased by more than 112 percent!

Look back at that graph and see how the growth was pretty steady. Yes, we see traditional jumps in traffic in January, and dips late in the year, but the commitment to the blogging program has paid off.

We Understand the Commitment. But How Do We Get Those Spikes?

While the blogging program forms the foundation, there are methods to get spikes in traffic back to a website. One of them is an e-mail newsletter.

With an e-mail newsletter, the blog posts get featured and e-mailed to a list of recipients who may or may not be checking the website consistently. Why do you want to send out the same content that’s published on your website? Because e-mail marketing is one of the most effective lead generation methods. The newsletter also can feature hot jobs or other news that a company wants to share.

In the daily chart below, it’s easy to see when the newsletter gets sent out.

ZDA Newsletter spikes

We see the spikes, but what are the numbers?

The 40 newsletters accounted for more than 20 percent of the traffic to the website during that period. So in 3 percent of the days during the past three-plus years, the company’s website got more than 20 percent of its traffic.

Social Sharing Adds Even More

Check out the general website traffic (first chart) from April 2012 through August 2015. Website growth went to another level in the beginning of 2015. Prior to 2015, the website growth was slowly increasing but got a little stale.

Haley Marketing suggested to this company about sharing content on LinkedIn. The process isn’t difficult – it takes blog posts and shares them across LinkedIn groups. Why LinkedIn groups? Because the users in those groups are already interested in the topics of your blog posts. It’s a targeted approach to get your content in front of the right eyeballs.

ZDA LinkedIn Sharing

The arrows point out some, not all, of the times when content got shared. The point in July where LinkedIn traffic dropped off came when no content got posted on LinkedIn.

Did it work? Well, website traffic is up nearly 37 percent through the first eight months of 2015 and traffic from LinkedIn is up 826 percent!

Whole Is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts

A good content marketing plan takes the content from a company and does a great job of sharing it with targeted audiences. Think about this case study we just walked through.

The company had the foundation of a blogging program on its website. In a three-year period, website growth doubled.

The company took those blogs and shared the posts with an even larger (and targeted) audience through a monthly email newsletter. Spikes in website traffic happened because the good content went to thousands of email inboxes. When used as part of an overall strategy, spikes are a good thing.

The company then wanted to take its website traffic to another level and started with social media sharing. Putting that content in targeted groups on LinkedIn increased the overall website traffic by more than 37 percent!

All three of these tactics work well individually, but they work even better when implemented together to help generate leads for a staffing company. Think about your content and how you can create a plan that fits your company’s needs.

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