[InSights] Does Your Staffing Firm Need a Game of Thrones Strategy?

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On today’s episode of InSights:

  • Does your staffing firm need a Game of Thrones strategy? (1:16)
  • Is your social media messaging balanced for human readers and algorithms? (7:34)
  • The case study success that resulted in 1 staffing firm increasing applications by 8% WITHOUT increasing their cost per application (17:04)

During segment 2, Social Reach, they’re joined by Michelle McCormick, Social Media Marekting Advisor.

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Referenced in this Episode:

[Report] The New Language of Staffing

[Webinar] Staffing Messaging: Striking a Balance Between Human Readers and Algorithms

[Case Study] Programmatic Increases Qualified Applications and Eliminates Wasted Job Board Spend

[Article] Job A Has 0 Applications. Job B Has 100 Applications. How Can Programmatic Advertising Fix That?

[Article] This Will Make You Successful at Programmatic Job Advertising

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