“State of the Industry” with Barry Asin from Staffing Industry Analysts

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Things have been good in the staffing industry for a long time.  How long will it last?  That’s just one of the topics we cover with Barry Asin from Staffing Industry Analysts.  We also discuss:

  • The current gig economy is at 3.7 trillion.  How much higher can we expect that to go or are we looking at a coming downfall?
  • What can the staffing industry do to combat unemployment numbers that are less than 1%?
  • Is the cloud gig economy a threat or an opportunity for the industry?
  • Where do VR and AI fit into the staffing industry?
  • What should staffing firms be doing today to prepare for the next 2-3 years?

To find out more about SIA visit their website: http://staffingindustry.com/

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