Kristen Wakulchuk

Kristen Wakulchuk

Digital Marketing Advisor

Kristen is a marketing graduate from the University at Buffalo and has accumulated some fantastic customer and marketing strategy skills through her internships with Paychex, Excellus BCBS, and Haley Marketing. Her energy and drive, paired with her unparalleled creativity and intuitiveness, serve her clients well. Her favorite stress relievers are dancing, going to the gym, coffee shop hopping, catching a quick Broadway show in NYC, and spending quality time with family (including cats) and friends.

I was a back up dancer for Weird Al for his concert at CMAC a few years back.

When I am going new places or trying new things on my own. There is something very freeing about stepping outside of your comfort zone independently.

I'm not sure if it's hidden, but I really enjoy to sing and play the guitar and piano.

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