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Prudence Shank

Prudence’s passion for writing can be traced back to childhood, when she and her sister would write and “publish” books made of cardboard, yarn and notebook paper. Her passion for words has never wavered, and Prudence has spent the majority of her career helping businesses tell their stories. Prudence began her career writing advertorials for a regional magazine, then moved into marketing. She spent many years freelancing for agencies across the US and Canada, finally “settling down” permanently with her favorite team, Haley Marketing Group. When she’s not crafting copy, you can probably find her reading a book or hanging out with her Shih Tzu, Dallas and her geriatric grumpy cat, Maximus.

Never write down anything you wouldn’t want read in court.

Early bird. My brain taps out for the day by about 3:00. So if you need me, you should find me before 3 PM EST.

Former Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama. I've seen them hang out at major events and they look like they have a ball together. Ithink they'd be a hoot.