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Stephanie Ryndak

Digital Marketing Manager

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Stephanie Ryndak

Stephanie always has one goal in mind – enriching people’s lives. While some may question how a marketer can possibly accomplish this, for Stephanie, it’s as simple as putting a smile on someone’s face. Whether it’s achieved in her various activities outside of work, or helping her Haley Marketing clients realize their goals, she’s established marketing as a gateway to share her many passions with others. With a Bachelor’s in Marketing from Niagara University and years of customer service, digital marketing, and event management, Stephanie leaves a lasting impression on her clients and targeted audiences alike. After work, you’ll find her obsessing over a good movie, traveling, or tossing around an axe from time to time.

I can't decide!! It'd have to be Julie Andrews or Robin Williams (can it be both please!)

Is this a trick question? If I had to pick one... I'd say The Sound of Music because the first time I watched it was perfect! It was with my Grandma, in her cozy living room with Christmas lights surrounding us.

A 2-week vacation with my brother. We hit up Seattle, WA, Vancouver, BC and San Francisco, CA.