Will Andreae


Will Andreae

Will started his career supply chain operations, and has a love for all things technical. He took the leap into the world of code in May 2020 enrolling in a bootcamp with General Assembly, and was drawn to Haley Marketing because and developing software for Haley allows him see tons of new technology across the entire industry and beyond. Will wants to learn as much as he can from the Haley team, make a meaningful impact on the software Haley Marketing ships, and hopes that his experience in supply chain ops brings a fresh perspective to the tech team. Off the clock, you can probably find Will cooking, at a concert or playing the tenor sax.

I was the captain of my college sailing team at Miami of Ohio. There was a modest lake not far from campus, we had six FJ’s (Flying Juniors), a rickety coach boat, and a catamaran the Bagel and Deli Shop shop owner would let us use in exchange for use of our life Jackets. A true force to be reckoned with in the Midwestern Collegiate Sailing Association.

Favorite song has to be Baba O'Riley, no other song has that umph. The Who was the first concert I ever went to and to see Pete Townshend do the Pinwheel was something else. Favorite band of all time is Jethro Tull though - I recommend everyone spend a day doing a Spotify dive through their stuff.

If I don't know it, I google it.

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