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After Haley Marketing launched our new corporate website we started to notice an increase in web traffic.  One of the new customers we started working with was a mechanical assembly company that had a large project near one of our offices. We do not have an office within 500 miles of their location, and we had never called on them.   They found our website while searching for staffing companies in the area, and they were specifically looking for a regional company to provide skilled labor for their project.

During the sales process, the customer mentioned several times that it was our website that attracted their attention, as they liked the way our company was presented and the services were explained.  That customer also recommended us to one of their installation partners.  Between those two customers, they have generated over $200,000 in billing and the project is only 25% complete.  It’s nice to have that type of customer engagement knock on your door. All we had to do is what we do best – provide world-class staffing services.

We let the experts at Haley Marketing design an online presence that displayed our company profile in the best light.