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Prior to August of 2014, CoWorx Staffing Services marketing and social media presence did not exist, enter Brad Bialy and Haley Marketing’s Social Pro Package Sharing Services. Immediately from the start of the partnership and CoWorx’ embrace of all aspects of the program, and under Brad’s guidance, CoWorx has taken on a new life and is enjoying tremendous success and recognition through all aspects of its social media and blogging efforts.
The impact of the Social Pro Services was felt very quickly, and has only grown exponentially over the past 15 months. From the continuous social media posts, to the creative and on point blogs, to the eye catching graphics, the program and Brad’s guidance was spot on and took CoWorx’ social media presence from nonexistent to impactful, noticed, followed, shared and honored. As the CoWorx Marketing Department grew in numbers, Brad worked seamlessly with each of its new members, to integrate them into the Social Pro plan and provide solid guidance and insightful suggestions, on how to keep the positive momentum of our program going and growing.
Due to the incredible efforts of Brad and the impact of the Social Pro Services, CoWorx was awarded the VOICE Award for our revenue bracket from the ASA, during this year’s ASA Staffing World which was held in October in Nashville, Tennessee. I truly feel that this is a shared award between CoWorx, Haley and Brad, as we did this together and we will continue to do it together. It is with great pride and appreciation that I refer to CoWorx Staffing Services as an extremely happy client of Brad Bialy’s, Haley Marketing and its Social Pro Package Sharing Services.