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Automation Domination - Unleash Your Staffing Superpowers!

Are you missing out on the automation revolution?

Whether you’re already using Sense, Bullhorn Automation, or another platform – or if you’re still on the fence – I bet you’re not squeezing every drop of potential from automation.

Join our webinar on Jul 16, 2024 at 03:00 PM EST

Meet the NEW HaleyMail

See the new updates to HaleyMail have to offer!
A fresh look, new features and more!

Throughout this webinar we detail what changes are happening and how they can better your marketing strategy.

Discover New Career Portal Features

This exclusive webinar showcases the exciting new features of our Career Portal! 

Here’s what you can look forward to learning about:

  • SEO Optimized Pages
  • Expanded Recruiter Bios
  • Magic Write
  • Magic Match
  • Rich Media in Job Postings

Digital Marketing and Lead Tracking Integration

Ever wish you could see who’s visiting your website?

Or get immediate updates when a prospect is on your site?

Stop wishing…you can do that now!

In this webinar, you’ll see the technology that can provide daily sales leads and up-to-the-minute notifications about your website visitors.

Website Success Packages Demo

From ADA compliance to advanced security to improving conversion rates, keeping your website performing at the highest level requires a lot of effort…and ongoing updates!

That’s why we just launched three new Website Success Packages.

TalentScribe AI Blogging Tool for Staffing

TalentScribe is an AI-powered blog writing tool designed specifically for staffing and recruiting companies.

We all know that the best way to make your website rank on Google is to consistently add fresh, relevant content. But who has the time to write blog posts?

TalentScribe makes blogging effortless! It will enhance your digital presence, improve SEO, and bring more clients and candidates to your website.

How the Haley Marketing Career Portal Can Help You Get More Qualified Candidates Without Spending More

Ever get tired of how much you spend on job ads?

Would you like to get more qualified candidates (and fill more open orders) without spending more?

We’re going to demonstrate how job spend management services work—and specifically, how they allow you to gain more control over your ad spend—and get more candidates applying to a greater number of your jobs.

Five Essential Features of the Career Portal You Should Be Using

Maximize Your Career Portal Experience!

Unlock five powerful features of the Haley Marketing Career Portal you might not be using.

These tools are designed to enhance candidate engagement and boost application rates, ensuring you get the most qualified talent for your open jobs.

Mastering SEO for Staffing Firms: It's More than just Automation!

SEO is not just about automation or getting to the top of Google search results.

It’s about understanding your audience, delivering a stellar user experience, and continually evolving with the dynamic world of search engines.

SEO is a mix of art and science, and no one knows this better than those in the staffing sector. So, why rely solely on machines when you can have the best of both worlds?

Using Pay Per Click to Drive More Sales Leads

Are you struggling to implement an effective lead-generation campaign for your sales team?

Are you missing opportunities to engage with top prospects?

In this market, it’s tough to attract qualified staffing buyers…and keep your costs in check. In this webinar we show you novel ways you can use paid ads to transform your sales results.

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