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Summit 3

Smart ideas from the smartest minds in staffing.

7 hours. 14 speed talks. Priceless ideas!

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Future Proofing Your Staffing Company - Part 1

David Searns & Victoria Kenward 

AI Proof Your
Recruiting Career

Tom Erb

Improving Your Sales Process…AIDA, IDM, Oh My!

Brad Bialy

Take Control Over Turnover

Mark Winter

How to Create a Digital Marketing System to Achieve Your Sales Goals

Brad Smith, Prudence Shank, and Stephanie Ryndak

Client Experience in Times of Economic Uncertainty - Maximizing Retention and Growth

Eric Gregg

Future Proofing Your Staffing Business - Part 2

Barry Asin

Save Costs on Recruitment Spend and Still Fill Your Jobs Quickly

Matt Lozar

Supercharge Sales Success: Unleashing the Powerful Combination of AI with Sales Skills

Mary Ann McLaughlin

Developing Your Web Strategy – the Relationship Between Your Website, Content and Social Media to Drive Sales

David Searns & Brad Smith

Cognitive Collaboration: Amplifying Human Capabilities with AI

Jason Leverant

Automation Tune-Up

Jeff Staats

Run Your Staffing Company Like You’re About to Sell It…. Even if You Have No Plans to Sell!

Jerry Grady


AI Tools for Marketing…and What’s New from HMG

David Searns, Victoria Kenward & Brad Smith

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7 hours. 14 speed talks. Priceless ideas!

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