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PPC advertising can be a low-cost, highly effective way to keep your company…and your value…in front of clients and candidates.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the market or have been in business for years... paid advertising accelerates your connection with audiences and improves your online position against competitors.

What PPC services does Haley Marketing offer?

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Does it work?

Doherty Staffing Solutions received over 5,700 highly qualified prospects to their client services page from their Google Search ads.

A.R. Mazzotta's on-Facebook lead generation ads averaged 100 new applicant leads and 32,000 impressions a month!

BetterClarity Consultants' year-over-year average conversion rate skyrocketed by 229%, allowing them to close more sales with large companies.

But don’t take our word for it...

Check out these case studies!

PPC Campaign:

Monthly Ad Spend: $300

Increased website viewers and traffic to key conversion points, including the home page (145.29% ↑) and contact page (36.84% ↑)!

PPC Campaign:
Online Visibility
(Google Local Ads)

Monthly Ad Spend: $335

In 6 months, ads were seen by 1.5 MILLION people across key channels – Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Display.

PPC Campaign:
Web Traffic

Monthly Ad Spend: $500

Averaged 750 clicks to the website each month of high-intent client prospects at a cost of 67 cents per website visitor!

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FAQs – Answers

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is a type of digital marketing strategy where an advertiser pays a fee each time their ad is clicked on. That fee covers the cost of having their ad appear on advertising channels such as, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Bing. Each channel has their own unique audience targeting methods, ad formats, cost-per-clicks (CPCs), and other varying benefits to meet specific marketing goals.  

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Whether you’re kickstarting a PPC campaign or have an ongoing one, determining the right ad spend is crucial. This figure is influenced by numerous factors like ad channel, audience targeting, competition, and market dynamics. Costs-per-click (CPCs) naturally differ across channels and industries, impacting your daily click potential. Investing more increases visibility and clicks, while lower spending limits clicks. 

For new campaigns, we offer predefined monthly budgets suitable for most staffing agencies across our paid products. As your campaign progresses, consult your PPC manager to assess additional ad funds for growth opportunities. And remember, pouring more money into ads isn’t always the solution to marketing challenges! 

We certainly can! 

When strategizing for multiple geo-markets, each market must have sufficient advertising resources. In the realm of PPC, the most vital asset to help you remain competitive is ad spend.  

Here’s a key rule: the broader your targeting, the more budget you’ll require. Think of it as casting a net in a school of fish. To catch more, you need a larger net. Similarly, in PPC, having the right budget ensures you don’t dilute your efforts across a wide audience. 

Our Online Visibility and Web Traffic PPC products focus on one geo-market each, while Custom PPC easily covers multiple markets. If you plan to advertise in several geo-markets, ask how we can tailor a PPC program to fit your goals and budget. 

Deciding which channel to run ads in will depend on your overall marketing goals, ad budget, industry, target audience, and other factors. With Haley Marketing’s paid services, you can leave answering this question up to our PPC experts. During the setup phase of your project, our team will consult with you and research which channel best suits your needs.   

If you’re more familiar with the ins and outs of select channels and already know which channel you want to advertise on, that’s great! Let us know and we’ll coordinate the launch of a cost-effective paid strategy on that channel. 

Absolutely! Your website serves as the bedrock of your online presence, and running PPC ads without a strong foundation can prove unsustainable. 

Successful paid ads require more than just a budget, targeting, and compelling content. What happens after a click is crucial; it determines whether users stay engaged throughout the buying journey. 

In mere seconds, you must capture, maintain, and compel visitors to act. If your ad’s destination lacks relevance or optimization in content, CTAs, and action points, your campaign operates at reduced efficiency. 

A robust website foundation, blending art and science, ensures user engagement. Contact us for a free website review and consider key aspects like clear communication, responsiveness, job descriptions, application ease, tracking capabilities, and specialized landing pages for paid ads. 

The impact of marketing strategies like PPC, SEO, Social, etc.. on each other depends on perspective. When assessing their individual performance, they don’t directly influence one another, as they operate independently on separate platforms. 

However, when you look at your website’s overall performance, you’ll see how these strategies indirectly affect each other. Conversions result from multiple touchpoints across various traffic sources. For instance, a user may click on a paid search ad but convert later through a referral source (see report screenshot below). 

In essence, PPC indirectly boosts the results of other digital strategies, and vice versa, by serving as an additional touchpoint to guide audiences through the buying process. This emphasizes the interconnectedness of your digital channels and the value of investing in each for a stronger online presence. 

Our PPC team is data-driven and resolutely maintains this mindset in our day-to-day campaign management. We assess data in two ways: pre/at-click and post-click metrics. 

  1. Pre/at-click metrics evaluate ad effectiveness before user site visits, focusing on message appeal, imagery, and cost-per-click efficiency.
  2. Post-click metrics gauge click quality after user interaction with your website, analyzing audience targeting, page navigation, and visit duration.

We tailor our analysis to your PPC product type, overarching goals, and website tracking capabilities. Expect a monthly report summarizing your campaign’s unique performance story. Rest assured, our data experts are dedicated to data-driven success! 

Marketing outcomes are never assured due to the unpredictable nature of consumer behavior. Encouraging actions like purchasing staffing services or applying for jobs requires a progression through the AIDA model: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action. Whether it’s PPC, SEO, or Social Media, AIDA remains relevant: 

  • You introduce your agency, creating awareness. 
  • Messages pique interest, prompting further exploration. 
  • Trust develops, leading to a desire for your services. 
  • Eventually, when the need arises, prospects take action. 

This process takes time, with micro-conversions happening along the way. Haley Marketing guarantees consistent, coordinated efforts to guide audiences through this journey. 

For PPC, remember: your paid ads will accelerate the placement and visibility of your marketing messages to audiences in specific stages. It will not accelerate a prospect’s mindset, intent, or need to act. 

Specific paid results depend on various factors like your chosen PPC product, industry, website foundation, and overall marketing mix. From day one, your paid ads generate data points such as impressions, clicks, and website visits. However, comprehending long-term performance takes time. 

Our recommended approach involves a 30 to 90-day uninterrupted ad run, allowing sufficient data collection. Afterward, we analyze the data and implement optimizations. More data enables better decision-making for PPC performance, identifying opportunities for growth. When optimizations are determined, we update your paid program, initiating a fresh data-collection cycle. This method ensures informed decisions and ongoing improvement in your PPC strategy. 

We understand the challenges of marketing, especially the expenses tied to paid ads. While we can’t always promise lower ad costs, the Haley Marketing PPC Team is dedicated to upholding our campaign management values: 

  • Thinking Differently: Marketing is an art, and each campaign is unique. Partnering with us means transforming past strategies and data into improved campaigns.
  • Being Transparent: With over 30 years of combined experience, we know that honest communication is vital. We provide candid feedback on performance and best practices.
  • Always Finding a Way: We adapt to changing goals, boost performance data, and work within limited budgets. Transitioning strategies is part of the process, and we’re always ready to brainstorm solutions.
  • Being Your Champion: Did you know Haley Marketing is an official partner with advertising channels like Google? Our connection is your advocacy for best practices and policy adherence of your ad campaigns.
  • Staying Ahead of the Curve: Our knowledge workers stay sharp through continuous learning, attending webinars, conferences, and earning annual certifications. We’re committed to growth to serve you better. 

And the most important question... What does it cost?

We have three paid media products to choose from. Each product includes the following services:


$720 / Month

$735 setup

Build your brand and get your company in front of more employers and job seekers. 


  • 1 Target Audience  
  • 1 Geo-Market  
  • 1 PPC Channel (Google or Facebook) 
  • $335 per month in ad spend 


$720 / Month

$1,095 setup

Promote your physical location to local employers and job seekers using Google networks like Google Maps.  


  • 1 Target Audience  
  • 1 Geo-Market  
  • 1 Google Business Profile 
  • $335 per month in ad spend 


$975 / Month

$735 setup

Drive more qualified visitors to your jobs and services pages via search engines or connecting with custom audiences across social media.  


  • 1 Target Audience  
  • 1 Geo-Market  
  • 1 PPC Channel (Google, Bing, or Facebook) 
  • Includes $500 per month in ad spend 


$495 / Month

$735 setup

Stay top-of-mind with visitors to your website to drive return visitors and higher conversion opportunity  


  • 1 Target Audience 
  • 1 PPC Channel (Google) 
  • Includes $300 per month in ad spend 

Included with all PPC ad campaigns

  • Dedicated monthly ad spend.
  • Expertly crafted paid media marketing strategy based on your company goals.
  • Custom ad messaging (copywriting and graphic design).
  • Exclusive audience targeting.
  • Access to certified paid channel experts and official channel partners. 
  • Guaranteed compliance with channel advertising policies. 
  • Monthly emailed performance reports. 
  • Quarterly strategy assessment and optimizations. 

Custom Campaigns

The perfect solution to maximize your paid advertising efforts. Custom PPC products pair a well-balanced ad spend with additional marketing investments (e.g., landing pages), to amplify your brand and maximize your ROI with audiences in all stages of the buying cycle. 

Contact us to discuss custom paid advertising strategies. 

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