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The Case of the Disappearing Website Visitor: How Haley Marketing’s Retargeting Strategy Increased This Firm’s Traffic by 145.29%

Our PPC team implemented new strategies to increase our client’s website traffic, and return visits to drive more sales leads and applications.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge
Entice first-time visitors to our client’s website to come back - and convert.

The Solution
Develop and implement a new PPC retargeting campaign to increase brand awareness, stay top-of-mind, and encourage previous website visitors to return and take a desired action.

The Results
Huge increases in website viewers and traffic to key conversion points, including the Home page (145.29% increase) and Contact page (36.84%)!

Client Background and Challenges

Venteon is a leading professional staffing and recruiting firm serving Troy, Detroit, and other areas in Michigan. They provide contract staffing and direct hire solutions to many of the prominent IT, engineering, and accounting and finance businesses that populate the Great Lakes State.

But during a website traffic and marketing audit, an intriguing conundrum emerged. While new visitors made up the majority of Venteon’s website traffic, they were converting at a much lower rate than returning visitors. These findings were out of alignment with Venteon’s job spend and new business development, which allocated more resources and attention to attracting new visitors to the website.

Knowing that staffing and job-hunting initiatives are rarely achieved in a single visit, Venteon teamed up with Haley Marketing for strategies to entice new visitors to return and convert.

The Goal:

To optimize Venteon’s spending by finding better ways to keep their brand in front of new visitors, lead them back to Venteon’s website, and encourage them to continue down the path to conversion.

The Solution

Our PPC experts launched a new retargeting campaign to increase brand awareness and keep Venteon in the spotlight of prospective clients’ and candidates’ decision-making processes. This involved:

  • Showing ads to people who visited Venteon’s website but didn’t convert.
  • Creating ads that “followed” website visitors who showed interest in Venteon’s jobs or staffing services.
  • Designing ads to match the look and feel of Venteon’s website, creating further brand consistency and a higher potential for recognition.

Overall, we crafted this solution with the intent of converting more website visitors and making Venteon’s marketing efforts more profitable and impactful.


The Results

A short four weeks after the launch of the new retargeting campaign, Venteon began to see a massive impact:

  • Website users increased by 96.8%
  • Page views increased by 55.75%
  • Traffic to the website’s Home page – the destination of the new retargeting ads – increased by 145.29%!
  • Traffic to the website’s Career Portal increased by 23.46%
  • Traffic to the website’s Contact page – a key conversion pathway – increased by 36.84%

The numbers speak for themselves: Strategic retargeted ads have succeeded in pulling curious prospects back to Venteon’s website and clearing the path for increased conversions.

Wondering Where Your Website Visitors Went?

Sometimes new visitors need a gentle push to fully explore all the ways your staffing agency can help them. From PPC to SEO, from social media strategy to a brand-new website, Haley Marketing’s digital marketing solutions can support your team in driving traffic, redirecting leads, and keeping your business top of mind. Reach out to our team today to learn more!

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