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Secrets of Staffing Success

Secrets of Staffing Success is a podcast exclusively for the staffing industry.
Each episode, we interview staffing firm owners and industry leaders to evaluate their best practices, unique differentiators, and tricks of the trade that deliver world-class performance.
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Maurice Fuller, founder of StaffingTec and StackVantage weighs in on upcoming tech trends in the staffing industry & how to come out on top!
Susan Wurst & Jeff Staats of Haley Marketing discuss how staffing companies can use technology to help with process automation & get better results.
John Thomas, Professional Developer at Specialized Recruiting Group of Express Professionals gives insights on the power of communication, and staying focused.
Richard Rosner, AKA the Staffing Shark, provides key insights on the future of recruiting, how to make grassroots marketing work for you, and how to keep your social media "human." Listen in!
How can you re-engage passive candidates who have worked with you in the past? Are you developing an Employer Value Proposition? What might you do differently on social media in June to attract passive job seekers? On this week's episode of InSights, we're joined by Haley Marketing's Co-CEO, David Searns, to break down these topics and more.