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Secrets of Staffing Success

Secrets of Staffing Success is a podcast exclusively for the staffing industry.
Each episode, we interview staffing firm owners and industry leaders to evaluate their best practices, unique differentiators, and tricks of the trade that deliver world-class performance.
Aaron Grossman, CEO of Talent Launch discusses the power of big thinking, unrelenting focus on culture & using technology to supercharge your processes.
On this episode of InSights, we share 5 lessons from the Colorado Staffing Association's Annual Conference. 1. Everyone is hiring 2. Marketing automation is on everyone's mind 3. Is the term "Recruiter" antiquated? 4. Marketing needs to be tested, but should always come back to your goals 5. Be kind during phone calls
On this episode of InSights we share exciting details about the SMART Ideas Summit hosted by Haley Marketing. Why should EVERY staffing firm build online testimonials? And what marketing lessons can we learn from Crunch Fitness?