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[Stage] Tricia Tamkin – How Can AI Support Me In [Insert Task Here]?

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“If you want to be exceptional, you can’t do what everybody else is doing…I made a shift about maybe eight months ago. I took a Post-It note put it on the bottom of my monitor, and it said, ‘How can GPT support me in this?’ Because literally, GPT can support you, whether you want it to write for you or you want it to give you ideas, whether you want to proofread or you want to translate, if you want to come up with jokes or quotes or stats, it literally can support you in anything that you’re doing, personally or professionally.”

On Take the Stage, presented by Haley Marketing, we bring you the BEST speakers, coaches, trainers, and strategic partners from across the staffing and recruiting industry every other week. More than your standard interview, each conversation is built off of a specific session or topic these industry thought leaders bring to conferences and audiences around the country.


  • 0:01:06 Should the staffing and recruiting industry be afraid of AI?
  • 0:01:46 Recruiters using AI will replace those who are not using it.
  • 0:04:10 AI assistants save recruiters time and improve workflow.
  • 0:06:41 Leveraging AI allows recruiters to spend more time on phone calls.
  • 0:08:39 AI provides recruiters with the ability to influence interviews.
  • 0:11:30 AI can help with prospecting and preparing for sales calls.
  • 0:13:04 “Overwhelm HR” technique uses AI to ask difficult questions.
  • 0:14:56 Entry-level ways to use AI for recruiting and prospecting.
  • 0:17:00 GPT can support you in any task, personally or professionally.
  • 0:18:29 The importance of asking the right questions to optimize efficiency.
  • 0:21:26 Differentiating yourself by not doing what everyone else is doing.
  • 0:22:33 Building personalized cadences for individuals instead of generic ones.
  • 0:23:52 Using AI to write candidate presentations for recruiting firms.
  • 0:26:55 Using AI to free up time for more meaningful tasks
  • 0:27:30 Using AI to capture interview notes

Rapid Fire Round:
One book that changed your life?
Onc conversation with anyone living or dead. Who are you sitting down with?
One piece of advice for someone just starting in the staffing industry



Brad Bialy 

Brad Bialy has a deep passion for helping staffing and recruiting firms achieve their business objectives through strategic digital marketing. For over a decade, Brad has developed a proven track record of motivating and educating staffing industry professionals at over 100 industry-specific conferences and webinars.
As a visionary leader, Brad has helped guide the comprehensive marketing strategy of more than 300 staffing and recruiting firms. His keen eye for strategy and delivery has resulted in multiple industry award-winning social media campaigns, making him a sought-after expert and speaker in the industry.


Tricia Tamkin


My recruiting career began in 1993, I started my search firm in 1997 and began coaching and training recruiters in 2009. Over a 30-year career in this industry, I’ve produced tens of millions in billing, helped recruiters launch over 50 firms, and positively impacted thousands of recruiters’ lives through increased billings. I love what I do!

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