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Smart Marketing and a Better Career Portal Increases the Number of Drivers on Assignment by 78%!
A better job board, programmatic job advertising, blogging, and social sharing helped this commercial driver staffing firm significantly increase its driver headcount in just six months.
SEO-Optimized Blogging Generated 1.45 Million Google Searches!
Committing to a long-term content marketing strategy significantly increased this firm’s Google traffic, netting 1.45 million searches and 43.6 thousand clicks.
How Stepping Outside The Box Led To An 83% Increase In Unique Visitors
Becoming more relatable helped this staffing company boost its social presence and brand.
Application Process Too Long? This Creative Solution Created An Exponential Increase In LI Apps
Haley Marketing created a workaround to help our clients avoid breaking a contract with their tech vendor.
Convincing The Unemployed To Trade $600 Extra Per Week For A Job?
This Staffing Company Made It Happen.