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Custom Direct Marketing

Make your sales process more effective.

Capture attention. Create interest. Position your firm.

Integrated direct marketing campaigns break through the clutter, capture the attention of staffing decision makers, and help you get more appointments.

Why Integrated Direct Marketing?

By integrating direct marketing with your sales efforts, you can capture attention, warm sales leads, and create interest in your services.

Integrated direct marketing typically improves outbound sales efforts by 2x to as much as 10x versus cold calling.

Award-Winning Campaigns

Haley Marketing’s designed many direct marketing campaigns that received awards from the American Staffing Association, including multiple “Best of Show” awards.

Proven Results

An industrial staffing firm in Wisconsin used a custom three-step direct mail campaign to get appointments with 60% of the people they targeted.

A commercial staffing firm with offices throughout the country was able to double their call-to-appointment ratio using a custom two-step direct mail campaign.

A clerical staffing firm on the east coast generated a 300% ROI on their direct mail marketing campaign in just 3 months.

Three Package Options

We offer three levels of service for integrated direct marketing campaigns.

Our base campaign includes 30 hours of service and typically will contain an attention-grabbing educational mailer, a follow-up positioning mailer, and content for LinkedIn and email follow-up.

Our mid-level campaign includes 50 hours of service. It starts with 5 hours of concepting to develop the theme and format for your campaign. It will typically include multiple direct mail pieces, LinkedIn and email follow up, and downloadable educational content.

Our premier-level campaign includes 70 hours of service, which starts with 5 hours of concepting. The finished campaign often includes a dimensional mailer, follow-up educational mailers, web content and a landing page, and email and LinkedIn outreach content.