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Video NOW

Low-cost email video and video marketing.

Four video marketing tools in one.

Video NOW makes video marketing easy and affordable. No special equipment. No hard-to-master software.

Create professional video…without having to hire a professional.

Video Email

Video in email increases open and click-through rates. Just the word “video” in a subject line can increase open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%.

Video NOW lets you record and send up to 90-second video email messages.

The first 3 seconds of your video become an animated GIF in the body of your email for awesome engagement!

Video Testimonials

Capture your happy clients’ and candidates’ feedback without the cost of scheduling, filming, and production.

Video NOW makes collecting video testimonials as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Identify someone you would like to hear from.
  2. Login to Video NOW and send a video testimonial request.
  3. Your client (or candidate) will click on a link in your Video NOW email, record their glowing testimonial using their smartphone, tablet or computer, then click submit and that’s it!

Video NOW automatically adds your logo, music and a call-to-action at the end.

Your video testimonial can be downloaded, shared through your website or uploaded directly to Facebook or YouTube.

Story Videos

Story videos are interactive video clips featuring three quick questions and answers.

You define the three questions you want someone to answer; Video NOW then walks the recipient through your questions and puts together a complete, professionally produced video complete with your branding, background music, and call to action.

Story videos are ideal for case studies, recruiter “meet me” videos, job profiles, and skill marketing top talent.

Brand Videos

Create videos that describe your services or share your knowledge with your audience. 

Branded videos can be used for:

  • Expert tip videos
  • About Us / Meet me
  • Job profile videos
  • Skill marketing top talent

With Brand Videos, you record and create the video on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Video NOW adds branding, background music, and a call to action to give you a professional quality message ready for sharing on your website or social media.