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Get more qualified candidates from your website.

A Better Way to Integrate Your Jobs with Your Website

Our software will help you attract top talent, manage candidate information, and fill job orders faster.

Simple job board software for you:

  • Easy to use WYSIWYG job editor.
  • Save inactive jobs for fast reposting with our job posting software.
  • Automatically repost jobs to Simply Hired, Careerjet and other aggregators.
  • Sponsor jobs on Indeed, Simply Hired and Careerjet.
  • Feed jobs to Twitter, Facebook and other social media.
  • Feature Hot Jobs throughout your website.
  • Integrate with your staffing software.
  • Every job optimized for Google and other search engines.
Haley Marketing offered just what we needed.

When COVID-19 struck and we could no longer visit clients and prospects, I quickly realized we need to make a change in our business development strategy. The Google Mastery and SEO/PPC program Haley Marketing offered was just what we needed.

Neil Whitman
Haley Marketing did a fantastic job on the design of our website.

In fact, this was the second custom design for our website they had done. They are second to none as far as their professionalism, their follow-through, their content, their copywriting, everything. So I highly recommend you work with them. You will not be disappointed.

Tom Porter
We had no idea what was working...

Every time we went back to Indeed they told us to put more money on it… And we really didn’t have the time to manage it… Our applications are up 61% and our job spend has been decreased by 13%. We’ve drastically improved our ROI and we don’t have to manage any of it.

Tim Bleich
Recruiting has always been a challenge for us...

Thanks to the guys over at Haley Marketing… getting their input really helped us see a higher return on all our social media and advertising… All the team is easy to work with, very creative, very responsive and been a good partner to American StaffCorp.

Casey Lamb
We had Haley Marketing create a 13-week email campaign for us...

That targeted and talked about getting Texas back to work. That helped us get our name top-of-mind and our brand in front of people… we started to see click through rates as high as 17-22% … And we got some new business out of it!

We've been a Haley Marketing client since 2001...

Haley Marketing’s been a great partner and without them I don’t know where we’d be. We’ve been able to grow and we can compete with anybody. It’s through the work we get from our marketing help with Haley Marketing.

Tim Bleich

Haley Marketing Career Portal Features

Collect more testimonials. Get more 5-star reviews. And reduce the negative ones.

Standard Features


  • Mobile-optimized search and apply.
  • All jobs SEO optimized on your domain.
  • Each job optimized as a unique webpage.
  • Schema markup and Google for Jobs API integration.

Easy to Use

  • Search jobs by type, industry, location and keyword.
  • Proximity searching to find jobs within a specific area.
  • Two application forms with resume submission.
  • One-click apply options.


  • Matches the look of your company website.
  • Recruiter profiles can be associated with each job.
Smart Marketing and a Better Career Portal Increases the Number of Drivers on Assignment by 78%!
A better job board, programmatic job advertising, blogging, and social sharing helped this commercial driver staffing firm significantly increase its driver headcount in just six months.
Award-Winning Website Increases Job Board Traffic by 771%
Challenged with revamping a website to reflect our client's updated brand identity, our experts created an award-winning, high-performance site that's increased job board traffic by 771 percent.