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Automating Social Sharing (with NetSocial) Increases Social Traffic by 190%!

A smart social strategy and automated, team-wide social sharing helped this staffing company dramatically increase traffic on their social media accounts.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

To gain visibility and capture the attention of job seekers in the mostly passive actuarial talent pool.

The Solution:

Create a social media content strategy and use NetSocial software to amplify organic reach, dramatically increase social traffic and heighten brand awareness.

The Results:

190% uptick in social traffic (398% on LinkedIn) directly attributable to automated, team-wide social sharing.

Client Background and Challenges

DW Simpson is an actuarial and analytics executive search firm located in Chicago, IL. They have offices all over the United States and place professionals globally. DW Simpson prides itself on building lasting relationships with clients who employ their active network of professionals.

Because the actuarial profession is such a niche, DW Simpson struggled to get their open roles in front of the professionals who were qualified to fill them. While they did have a few candidate-facing posts on their social accounts, this firm did not have a sound plan for building brand awareness or recruiting professional candidates where they spent time online.

The Solution

DW Simpson began working with Haley Marketing Group in February of 2021. After learning about their niche and current recruiting challenges, our team quickly realized that this client needed a cohesive social media strategy. Haley Marketing created and implemented a social sharing plan supported with additional posts by DW Simpson’s marketing team.

To boost the organic reach of DW Simpson’s social content and ensure it was consistently shared company-wide, Haley Marketing then:

  • Set up a NetSocial account for this client. (NetSocial software automates team-wide social sharing to get posts in front of more job seekers and decision makers.)
  • Created a channel for the DW Simpson team to subscribe to in order to share social media posts.
  • Added 20 users to the account.
  • Provided ongoing support throughout the adoption of the new platform.

The Results

The DW Simpson team shared the curated NetSocial content on their business and personal social media accounts, increasing the reach of the company’s posts. This team social sharing strategy dramatically increased DW Simpson’s social traffic and resulted in an increase in job applications.

  • 398% increase in LinkedIn traffic
  • 190% increase in social traffic
  • 20% increase in website traffic from Q1 to Q2
  • 606% increase in NetSocial traffic created by adding 10 more users to the program
  • 27% increase in users directly searching the web for DW Simpson
  • 6% increase in job applications in a primarily passive candidate pool

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