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Increase your visibility. Drive traffic to your website.

What Can You Do With Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

PPC is the fastest way to drive response on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Guarantee top search results

People are searching for staffing and recruiting firms every day. Online ads can get your company to the top of page one–and above your competition on Google and Bing.

Online Visibility Campaign

Visibility builds trust. This PPC campaign will dramatically increase your staffing company’s visibility…and keep you top-of-mind so that when a hiring need arises, you’re the first company called.

Online Visibility PPC includes:

  • 1 Target Audience: candidates or clients
  • 1 Geo-market
  • 1 PPC Channel: Display Network (Google or Bing), or Facebook (to be determined by PPC team)
Can a Local Ads Campaign Boost Your Online Visibility?
When a nationwide staffing firm wasn’t getting the online engagement they needed for a local office, our PPC team stepped in with some strategic solutions.
Automated Job Title Testing TRIPLES CNA Applications!
Testing job titles helps recruiters get more response from their job ads. Check out how we automated testing to generate three times the number of applies from Certified Nursing Assistants.
85 More Skilled Trades Professionals Recruited…in the First Month!
Using programmatic job advertising, we helped a construction staffing agency better match job spend to hiring needs. The result? 85 more applications (a 22% increase!) on their priority jobs.
Using Cost per Application Data to Drive 467 More Applications
A full-service staffing agency wanted to keep its pipeline flowing with as many applications as possible. What data did we analyze and what changes did we quickly make to help meet that recruitment goal?
Beating the Competition: Smarter PPC Strategy Generates Massive Candidate Traffic Increases
After The Advance Group provided a list of their primary competitors, we designed a campaign that targeted job seekers who visited candidate-oriented pages on those competitors’ sites (including their job boards).