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32,000 Impressions and 100 New Candidate Leads per Month? We Made It Happen With an On-Facebook Lead Generation Strategy

Pivoting a long-standing client's PPC strategy to an on-Facebook lead generation campaign yielded an average of 100 new candidate leads per month – and better recruiter follow-up!

A.R. Mazzotta
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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge

Lack of engagement and the disappearance of Facebook jobs stifled this client's social recruiting. They needed to drive more job seekers into their recruiting funnel, so recruiters could follow up and convert them into placements.

The Solution

We adapted their pay-per-click strategy to increase job-seeker engagement on Facebook, make it even easier for people to apply, and ultimately generate more candidate leads.

The Results

Our on-Facebook lead generation campaign yielded an average of 100 new applicant leads and 32,000 impressions a month!

Client Background and Challenge

A.R. Mazzotta is a locally owned and operated temporary and direct-hire staffing firm in Connecticut, serving the light industrial, manufacturing, office, and administrative fields. A long-standing Haley Marketing client that's always open to testing new ideas, A.R. Mazzotta has trusted us for years with their digital marketing strategy (check out their history and results here).

As the economy, job-seeker behaviors, and market conditions have changed over time, we’ve continually adjusted A.R. Mazzotta's strategy and marketing mix – using data to refine efforts and continually improve ROI. So, when job-seeker engagement on Facebook began waning, and the disappearance of Facebook Jobs threatened to derail their social recruiting efforts, A.R. Mazzotta trusted our PPC experts to create a new solution.

The Goal:
Adapt their pay-per-click strategy to increase engagement and capture job seeker information right on Facebook, so recruiters could follow up and turn those job seekers into placements.

The Solution

Haley Marketing’s PPC team adapted our product and pivoted strategy to solve A.R. Mazzotta's specific Facebook recruiting challenge. The new on-Facebook candidate lead-generation strategy maximized engagement and conversion with:

  1. A general "quick apply" lead form requiring only minimal information (that job seekers could easily complete in seconds, right on Facebook).
  2. A field for the job seeker's preferred form of communication (so recruiters could quickly follow up in the way applicants wanted them to).
  3. An updated look and feel complementing the client's new website.
  4. Copy highlighting the client's robust benefits offerings.
  5. A higher allocated budget.


The Results

On top of increased visibility and engagement, the client started getting submissions their recruiters could follow up on and make placements with. Users who submitted a form but did not convert were added to the client’s monthly newsletter list.

Each month, the campaign averages:

  • 100 on-Facebook candidate leads
  • 32,000 impressions
  • 1,150 clicks
  • $0.54 cost-per-click
  • 3.61% click-through rate


Looking for a Better Marketing Strategy?

Whether it’s PPC, social media strategy, a new website, or anything in between, Haley Marketing's digital marketing specialists are standing by to help. Contact us today to get started.

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