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NISA Spring Conference – Catch Jeff Staats’ In-Depth Workshop: “Build and Launch Your First Sales Funnel”

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We’re delighted that CMO Jeff Staats will present “Build and Launch Your First Sales Funnel” at the National Independent Staffing Association’s (NISA) spring conference. The event is being held April 16-18th, 2024, in Dallas, TX.

Unlock the Secrets of Sales Funnels

Jeff has years of experience creating marketing strategies for staffing and recruiting firms. His upcoming workshop promises to demystify the process of crafting your first sales funnel—a foundational element that drives your firm’s success.

Jeff’s approach is practical and accessible, ensuring a clear understanding of every stage from awareness to action. You’ll learn the theoretical underpinnings of a successful sales funnel and walk away with a clear, actionable plan to build and launch your own.

But wait – there’s more! Jeff’s workshop isn’t the only draw at the conference. Amy Munroe of Staffing eTrainer will present “Level Up Your Account Management,” a deep dive into advanced Account Management techniques that produce exceptional results while building the strongest client relationships.

Learn to Drive Staffing Sales

This year’s conference isn’t just another networking opportunity; it’s a chance to equip your firm with the insights and tools needed to escalate its market presence. To ensure your spot at this game-changing event, head over to the RSVP page: NISA Spring Conference 2024 RSVP.

Can’t attend? We’d still love to meet you! Whether you’re venturing into the world of sales funnels for the first time or looking to optimize your existing funnel, we can help. Speak with our marketing experts – get answers to your tough questions and free, customized advice.

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