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What’s Working in Staffing SEO? Organic Traffic Surges by a WHOPPING 855%!

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Are you tired of struggling to attract enough clients and candidates?

When it comes to fishing in the ocean of online content, SEO is like choosing the right bait—it’s crucial if you want to catch a whopper (or any fish at all). Imagine casting your SEO net and pulling in an 855% increase in your organic catch.

That’s not just a fisherman’s tale; it’s the reality for one staffing firm that tapped into the power of SEO to supercharge their online presence and catch a sea of new clients and candidates.

The Lure of SEO in Staffing

In an age where digital presence is tantamount to business success, staffing firms cannot afford to overlook the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). At its core, SEO is about making your website more visible on search engines like Google, where the majority of your potential clients and candidates start their journey. An increase in visibility means an increase in organic traffic, and as a result, a higher chance of attracting quality leads without the need for direct advertising.

SEO isn’t just about using keywords; it’s a complex strategy that involves on-site optimization, content creation, link building, and a deep understanding of algorithmic trends. In the highly competitive staffing industry, firms must showcase their unique expertise and value proposition not only through their services but also through their online content.

Case in Point: 855% Increase in Organic Traffic

Haley Marketing’s recent work with Shepherd Regulatory Search, a staffing firm that specializes in life sciences and regulatory affairs recruiting globally, resulted in a tremendous leap in organic traffic. Despite having a strong brand and true differentiators, , they were facing a common challenge: their website wasn’t garnering the traffic needed to sustain growth.

With the strategic addition of SEO-optimized long-form content, the firm not only saw an astonishing 855% increase in organic website traffic in just six months of 2022, but also tripled impressions from 25.2K to 76.4K in three months. This massive surge not only highlights the effectiveness of a robust SEO campaign but serves as a beacon for other staffing firms to follow.

Read the full case study here or make a note of these key takeaways for your staffing firm:

  • Build authority on Google. Use SEO to position yourself as a thought leader. Consistent, high-quality content tailored to your niche can increase your firm’s credibility and search engine ranking.
  • Increase organic website traffic. Turn your website into a magnet. Optimized web pages and articles attract more visitors who are actively searching for staffing solutions, thereby increasing your chances of generating inbound leads.
  • Secure more qualified leads. Let quality content do the heavy lifting. A well-organized SEO strategy can help you draw in not just more, but the right kind of traffic, which ultimately converts into qualified leads.
  • Create lasting impressions. Make your first digital impression count. With increased impressions, you’re exposing your brand to a broader audience, casting a wider net to capture the attention of potential clients and candidates.

Create Your SEO Success Story

Are you ready to cast your net into the digital ocean and watch your traffic surge? Haley Marketing’s SEO solutions are tailored to do just that, helping your staffing firm make waves in your industry. Count on our expert SEO “net casters” to turn the tide in your favor – and make a significant impact on your profit margin! Contact us today.

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