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SEO-Optimized Website Pages Increased Organic Traffic by 855%!

Smart SEO increased organic traffic by 855% and tripled impressions in 3 months—with no sign of slowing.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge:

Lack of an SEO strategy and fresh web content prevented this staffing firm from ranking well on Google and attracting organic website traffic.

The Solution:

Consistently add relevant, SEO-optimized long-form articles and webpages to their website. 

The Results:

Organic website traffic increased 855% in 1 year, with impressions skyrocketing from 25.2K to 76.4K in 3 months.

Client Background and Challenges

Shepherd Regulatory Search is a niche client specializing in life sciences and regulatory affairs recruiting internationally. They pride themselves on maintaining genuine relationships across their network of regulatory professionals. As true career advocates and partners in the talent procurement process, they are tenacious in their pursuit of top talent and client satisfaction.

Despite having a strong brand and true differentiators, Shepherd Regulatory’s website wasn’t receiving the traffic it needed to fuel sales and recruiting. They came to us with the goal of increasing their website’s overall organic web presence by publishing well-optimized content.

The Goal:

To help our client build authority on Google, increase organic website traffic, and secure more inbound leads.

The Solution

Shepherd Regulatory Search’s dedication to excellence is reflected in their content marketing. They have high standards for their brand voice and content – standards to which we were happy to rise! Our team worked with Shepherd Regulatory Search to:

  • Create 5 on-brand specialty pages for their website.
  • Quickly and consistently publish long-form content to attract attention from search engines.

All content followed SEO best practices to build organic traffic from search engines over time.

The Results

Consistent implementation of long-form, SEO-optimized content dramatically increased organic website traffic for Shepherd Regulatory Search:

  • In the first 6 months of 2022, organic users increased 855%.
  • Shepherd Regulatory Search saw significant improvements in their keyword rankings and began ranking for new SEO terms.
  • Impressions tripled in 3 months (from 25.2K to 76.4 impressions).
  • Google is now the #1 referring search engine.

Want more of the RIGHT people visiting your site?

Haley Marketing’s SEO solutions drive organic traffic to help you generate more leads and qualified applications. Get in touch with one of our SEO experts to learn more or get started!

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