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Social Media Strategy Drives a 491% Increase in Views for Staffing Agency – and Nearly Triples Active Users!”

Engaging content, smart PPC, and Reputation Management work together to keep this staffing firm visible—and engaging new clients and candidates—in their highly competitive market.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge 

Attract and engage new clients and candidates on social media. 

The Solution 

A comprehensive social media strategy that included consistent sharing of engaging content, PPC, and reputation management. 

The Results 

2X views in their top city, 3X total social media sessions, and (nearly) 5X social media views year over year! 

Client Background and Challenges

Opti Staffing is a locally owned and operated full-service staffing agency that provides comprehensive staffing and recruiting solutions to small and mid-size businesses in the Pacific Northwest. With six branches across Washington, Oregon, and Alaska, Opti Staffing Group is strategically positioned to serve the unique needs of their market, which includes clerical, industrial, engineering, information technology, human resources, legal, and finance/accounting sectors. 

Haley Marketing has been their trusted partner since 2016, helping them grow their brand with expert reputation management, blog management, website maintenance, account management, Social Pro, and SEO. Recently, Opti Staffing Group challenged Haley Marketing to help them improve their digital reach and visibility in their increasingly competitive market—and we were thrilled at the opportunity to deliver even better results for our valued client! 

The Goal: Increase social reach and visibility—and engage more clients and candidates in a tight market. 

The Solution

A lack of dedicated time and resources can prevent staffing firms from creating effective social media strategies. Knowing  what it would  take to leave their competitors in the dust (or rather in a snowbank), Opti Staffing Group trusted the experts at Haley Marketing to develop and execute a comprehensive digital strategy to enhance their brand visibility, engage their target audiences, and position the company as a top choice for both clients and candidates. 

Here’s how we significantly improved Opti Staffing Groups digital reach and visibility in 2023:  

Social Media Strategies 

  • Utilizing Social Pro and PPC, created a targeted social media strategy aligned with Opti Staffing Group’s goals and target audience. 
  • Regularly posted engaging and informative content through Netsocial, (our own platform used with Social Pro for managing and automating the sharing of content to social networks, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,) related to industry trends, company culture, and organizational success. 
  • Developed a content calendar focused on producing valuable and relevant content for both clients and candidates. 
  • Implemented a blog strategy to showcase expertise, industry insights, and company updates. 
  • Created downloadable resources, such as whitepapers or guides, to position Opti Staffing Group as an industry thought leader. 

Reputation Management Strategies 

  • Monitored and managed online reviews and testimonials to build a positive online reputation. 
  • Encouraged satisfied clients and candidates to share their experiences on review platforms. 

PPC Strategies 

  • Utilized paid social advertising to increase reach and engagement among potential candidates in key cities. 
  • Leveraged digital advertising to run targeted campaigns in key cities, focusing on both client and candidate acquisition. 
  • Created tailored messaging to address the specific needs and preferences of each target city. 

The Results

Year over year: 

  • 35,581 views in Seattle, a top city in their market (↑ 209.7%). 
  • 24,377 views from social media (↑ 491%). 
  • 9,520 total social media sessions (↑ 308.8% increase) 
  • 7,393 active users (↑ 274.7 % ) 

Notable growth in reach, impressions, clicks, and active users proves the effectiveness of Haley Marketing’s strategies—and gives Opti Staffing Group a clear competitive edge in their Pacific Northwest market.



Want to Get Noticed? 

A multi-faceted social media strategy (and consistent posting!) can help your organization attract new clients and candidates. Get in touch with one of Haley Marketing’s digital marketing specialists to get started today. 


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