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PPC Drives 5,700+ Highly Qualified Prospects to This Client’s Services Page – At Nearly 80% Less Than the Typical Cost!

Haley Marketing’s Web Traffic PPC program was the missing piece in this client’s business development strategy.

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Case Study at a Glance

The Challenge 

Increase visibility and reach on search engines to draw new prospects to this client's workforce strategies webpages – and ultimately drive them to take action. 

The Solution 

Google Search Ads and improved website functionality helped this staffing firm increase visibility and awareness, drive conversion and boost sales.  

The Results 

In 10 months, PPC directed 7,400 clicks to Doherty's website; 78% of those (5,772) were client service pageviews (i.e., highly qualified prospects!). 

Best of all, Doherty's CPC (Cost-Per-Click) is just $0.62, nearly 80% lower than the B2B average of $3! 

Client Background and Challenges

Doherty Staffing Solutions is a workforce solutions and talent acquisition firm headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with $25 million–$100 million in annual sales. Operating 20 offices in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin, Doherty serves clients at 31+ on-site locations throughout the United States. 

They focus on three specialties: 

  • Light industrial/manufacturing 
  • Office support/administrative 
  • Engineering/skilled trades  

The company is a family-run certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise. Doherty is the largest privately owned Minnesota-based staffing firm, was named to Forbes 2023 America’s Best Staffing Firms List, has been a Minnesota Top Workplace since 2014 and a Top Workplace USA since 2021, is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, and is a proud recipient of the Minnesota Business Ethics Award.  

The Challenge: 

Despite being one of Minnesota’s largest privately owned staffing firms, Doherty was missing opportunities to engage with prospects. Their low online brand visibility and untapped website traffic created slower growth potential and less opportunity to support local communities with their employment expertise. They needed help increasing their visibility and audience reach on search engines. 

Doherty wanted to appear more frequently and higher in search results for queries that would introduce new prospects to their workforce strategies. They needed to ensure their locations across Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin were seen as a go-to staffing service for businesses.  

What They Tried: 

Before engaging Haley Marketing Group, Doherty primarily relied on staffing industry-related digital partnerships and grassroots efforts to amplify its brand across the communities they serve. Traditional offline advertising methods and business development-related networking strategies supplemented these efforts.  

While these strategies had varying levels of effectiveness, Doherty was missing a key ingredient in their recipe for future brand amplification and higher success.  

The Goal: Boost brand visibility and increase prospect conversion potential by improving search engine performance and directing more qualified traffic to the website. 

The Solution

Haley Marketing’s PPC team helped Doherty optimize a $500 ad spend with our Google Search Ads Web Traffic PPC program. 

To gain visibility on search engines and more website visitors from this traffic source, Doherty had two options – investing in a PPC ad strategy or enhancing their website’s functionality for organic rankings.  

While they implemented BOTH options, investing in PPC allowed Doherty to:  

  • Focus their marketing investment on reaching new client prospects and accelerating placement of their brand and services in front of these audience members.  
  • Direct qualified prospects to the website where they learned how Doherty could assist with their hiring challenges.  
  • Boost awareness of their branch offices by showing ads within a 20-mile radius around select locations.  

The Results

  • 7,400 clicks to Doherty’s website in the first 10 months 
  • 78% of those pageviews (5,772) were of Doherty’s client service pages (i.e., highly qualified prospects!) 
  • Initial Cost Per Click (CPC) $1.15 
  • Current CPC $0.62 (Nearly 80% lower than the industry average of $3.00+!) 

When Doherty’s ads launched, the average cost per click (CPC) was $1.15. Over the next 4 months, we made systematic improvements that drove CPC to a low of $0.62 per click, and the campaign continues to ride this average today! This extremely low CPC grants Doherty an above-average amount of clicks to the website monthly – at a cost that’s nearly 80% lower than the industry average. 

But wait – there’s more!  

That 78% doesn’t even include the additional pageviews of PPC visitors navigating to pages such as the case study section, location pages, or their contact us page. That means even more of the site’s PPC traffic is interested in learning about Doherty’s ability to serve them (and are even thinking about taking the next steps to reach out and start a partnership with Doherty!).  

Pairing Doherty’s multiple Google Business profiles with these ads enhanced user engagement by providing more information to prospective clients and making it easier for them to connect with their closest Doherty office location.  

With Google Business profiles, Doherty’s targeted client prospects didn’t even need to visit the website to access their phone number or find driving directions to the closest location. 

All paid ads immediately increase a brand’s visibility and visitors to a website. That is the inherent nature of paid ads – you’re paying to connect with online users and direct them to your website after a click of your ad. Doherty’s ad campaign elevated this fundamental result and is truly getting the best bang for their buck!  

Doherty’s Feedback  

“Haley Marketing’s Google Search Ads program was the digital marketing piece Doherty’s business development strategy was missing,” said Amy Giessinger, Vice President of Marketing. “We’re so pleased with the organic enhancements to our website and the resulting increased traffic we have experienced from their expert-level PPC ad campaigns. Our Haley PPC team is phenomenal! We meet monthly to review our campaigns’ progress via detailed reports, talk through any adjustments that they recommend, and even discuss upcoming search engine advancements to stay ahead of trends and changes to the platforms. Haley Marketing has helped greatly increase Doherty’s online brand awareness and business opportunities!” 

Need a Smarter Strategy to Grow Your Staffing Business? 

Haley Marketing’s PPC experts can create a digital marketing strategy that will grab attention, drive conversion and increase sales. Contact us today so we can customize a solution for you.  

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